jimh ban appeal

Poison  Certified Gamemaster VIP 12 Feb 20 at 12:04am
actually recording an In game video of yourself doing well isnt an option, you can just turn the cheat off.
Fel  Head Administrator VIP 12 Feb 20 at 3:00pm
This wouldnt even work as proof. However I'll review anything i find
jimh  Member 12 Feb 20 at 3:40pm
fel, can i see the video of me cheating please.
and also- if i record and show the same performance as usual then it shows i dont cheat
[DEFN] Brand  Head Administrator VIP 13 Feb 20 at 6:48pm
Okay so-

Recording gameplay for us and then sending it to us is pointless, you can just disable hacks if you have them. - The common excuse to use is performance, however good players have been known to use hacks, such as fairly recent events in gaming history. - Just because you're good doesn't mean you won't hack as a joke on GMod or to make life easier.

The footage itself gathered against you was enough for the STL to ban you, something not done very often.

So - Until the STL decides otherwise, appeal is


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