Just a idea for team balance

LocalFatKid  Member 24 Mar 20 at 8:43am Edited
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What is your suggestion?
A: Force team balancing - How : So this is the current team numbers
Rebel: 12 Combine: 24
^ That is very stinky for rebel. How do I think this could be fixed?
Make it so when there's more combine than rebel, make it so you cant join combine until the teams are outnumbered agian
Rebel:24 Combine:12 Now you cant join rebel

How would this benefit the server?
A: It's to try make the teams more balanced during popular hours, i've seen on the new map that balance is actually very fun. The fight is fair (31/32) It's perfect. But sometimes it can be (12/25) And then it's pushed back to spawncamp
This is only a rough idea to try enforce balance within the server, so people cannot join Rebel when they outnumber combine, or combine outnumber rebel.

This is a ROUGH idea, it's not me trying to say (add it rn) it's a suggestion that mayormay not be liked.

Rebel's have 17 Combine have 22
Small difference - (This also depends on the units/players deployed)
Rebels are pushed back to G. (They only have F)
Destitute the :dab:  VIP 24 Mar 20 at 8:53am
This wouldn't be such a bad idea if not for the fact there are core differences between the Combine and Rebels.
Raven.  VIP 24 Mar 20 at 8:57am
Teams have been autobalanced.
You are now RED.
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DeToXic  VIP 24 Mar 20 at 9:05am
-1 this will fuck up with tryouts so much. specially for EOWA/LA who host mock tryouts
the suggestion is decent but i don't see it work in a server like this
Juan  Member 24 Mar 20 at 11:24am
-1 I'm sorry but I don't see this beinga good idea at all, as much as I hate that combine almost always outnumber the rebels by around 10 people this isn't the solution.
Void  VIP 25 Mar 20 at 2:03am
-1 people can't do activity checks very well if they are locked from the team.
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