Keeping radio on even after death

Lunar Frost  Member 9 May 21 at 4:22am
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A: OTA SWORD 09 8171

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A: Lunar Frost#0836 

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A: N/A

What is your suggestion?
A: Making the radio stay on even after respawn, but to prevent ghosting, keep the radio off while the person is dead, and get it back on when the person respawns, 

How would this benefit the server?
A: It would solve the annoying steps of turning the radio on and getting back on the channel you want, it's time consuming and it can get you killed easily not having a weapon to defend yourself with
Ivory Partnaite  Member 14 May 21 at 2:05pm
I've never had this problem but I don't use the radio so I don't fuckin' know. +1
Bel1ve.  VIP 14 May 21 at 2:09pm Edited
I don't think this is possible but yes +1

(also isnt there an option to keep it on all the time? Or does this only count till you die as you mentioned?)
ozz12231  Certified Gamemaster VIP 14 May 21 at 2:45pm
+1 very annoying thing
TheJC  VIP 15 May 21 at 2:37pm
Tried to fix it, sorta didn't work. Forgot about it, now I don't feel like doing it
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Venom  Senior Infrastructure Moderator VIP 21 May 21 at 6:50pm Edited
Moved suggestion to correct section of forums for you.
Knight Errant  VIP 21 May 21 at 7:11pm
+1 As a radio host who commonly likes to play music for people, I can only imagine how irritating this must be.

Don't care if devs don't feel like doing it, small changes like this go a long way in terms of community relations.
Carbonated Carbon  Certified Gamemaster VIP 21 May 21 at 7:16pm
+1 Stopped using the radio cause I had to keep on turning it on whenever I died, thus might make me use it more


Hong Kong  Senior Infrastructure Moderator VIP 22 Jun 21 at 5:33pm
Old thread.

Locked / Closed.

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