Kenny's Funny GM Application (Revised)

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Full Ingame Name(s)
RES CHAD CHAD SPC Kenny | LVET Cobra Commando SGT Kenny

SteamID & Discord Name/Tag
STEAM_1:1:462320469 | Kenny McCormick#1933

What Region are you located in? What's your timezone?
Texas, CST

Previous Punishments?

What's your reason for becoming Gamemaster?
I wish to help out with events and bring a new and funny style of playing and interacting witn events

Have you ever been Event Staff or anything similar on other servers? If so please list below.
Nope, if it helps at all, I have been Head of Staff on a sandbox server 

Explain how you take criticism from other people, from constructive to border-line harassment.
When it comes to constructive, I see it as a learning experience, figuring out what people like and dislike about what I can do and how I do them. I take it all in, and re-evaluate how I do things.
Harassment, however, is where I tell the person, in the nicest and most professional way, to fuck off. Don't bully me for what I do, if you don't like it, express it in a constructive and kind manner, please.

A Combine CmD has openly expressed their distaste for an event you're doing at that moment. It has gotten to the point where he is actively disrupting your event. What is your course of action?
Bring the CmD and explain to him to cease his fuckery and what he's doing isn't nice. If he continues, bring him and warn him for interrupting an event and tell his COs. If he continues still, kick him.

A Resistance Fighter starts PMing you with some questions about a recent event you've done. However, because you were AFK, he has started harassing you. What is your course of action?
Respond to the Fighter, tell him that I was inactive, and tell him to be patient or ask someone else if I can't get back to you in a timely manner.

What are GM's permissions both inside and outside of events?
I'm not sure about this one, I know for in-event they can manage, maintain, and moderate them so the players can enjoy it to the fullest. Outside, I only know of them spawing in cars and other things for anarchs and civvies (and sometimes run shops). 

You are hosting an important Post-Event DB and all of a sudden, the CO's ask you to leave so they can do their DB and exclude yours. What is your course of action?
Ask them to be patient and wait until my DB is over, then they can do theirs. If they start harrassing me, mute them until I'm finished with the DB.

A Gamemaster who said he would be assisting you in an event later on today hasn't shown up and now the event is running behind schedule. What should you do?
A: Try and get another GM on to help, and explain what he needs to do and how to do it; Then apologise to the server for the event running behind and the reason why. 
B: If no other GM is on, try to run the event yourself. If the event starts to fall apart, end it there and compensate the players for wasting their time and explain the situation to them. 

C: eat ass

After getting a green light on an event, you notice there are 3 vehicles deployed at once. It is causing a little lag, what is your course of action?
Ask one or two of the vehicles to undeploy because the server is getting laggy, then refund them their resources. 

What's the process GM's take before making events, from start to finish. (This is what YOU think)
1: Ask a Head Admin if you can do so and so event at so and so date. Once the green light is given, you can -
2: Plan the event in a google doc, then start to plan it in singleplayer with the build and such.

3: Announce the event in #cvr-announcements.
4: Once the date rolls around, join the server an hour and a half before the event starts, paste the build, and make some final touches.
5: Call a DB 10 mins before the start for both sides and explain the rules (5 mins each)
6: Once the event starts, watch for laggy things and rule breakers, and act accordingly
7: When the event is over, call a DB for both sides, issue rewards, and then they'll be left to their own accord.
8: Remove the dupe, and move on with the server.

A Resistance Captain is openly criticizing your event when he isn't in the event itself. It has gotten to the point where he is interrupting your important adverts relating to the event. What should you do?
Bring him and either participate the event yourself and stop interrupting it, or just stop interrupting it. If he continues to interrupt it after I explicitly fucking said not to, warn him and report him to the Majors. If he continues AGAIN, kick him.

How often do you think GM's should host events?
eh, every so often, maybe like 2 or 4 times a week.

List three events that you might do if you get accepted (DETAILED AND BE ORIGINAL) [Campaigans and RP Situations are EXCLUDED]

Operation: Prospekt.
There's a mysterious building in the map that holds a large amount of combine intel and weapons. It is up to the rebels to storm the building and secure the intel, and execute everyone inside. But there's a problem, see, the combine know you're raiding the complex and they're setting up defences to counter the large assault. The rebels have 3 ways of entrance: Air, Sea, and Land. 2 doors on land, one dock in the sea, and a helipad on the roof. The combine have to account for every possible scenario, and so do the rebels. They can succeed in securing valuable information and weapons, or have it lost to the ever increasing force of the resistance. 
Winners get 15k Credits or a choice of weapon/combo.
Losers get 10k credits or a choice of weapon/combo

Breaking point
8 men are sitting at a table, there is one gun, each man will have to kill each other with the gun until one is left. The gun is passed from one to another, but it has a chance of jamming. You must roll against the host, if you win, you can kill anyone at the table, then pass it to the next person. If you lose, the gun jams, and you have to pass it to the next person. The winner of each round gets 5000 credits or their choice of DECENT weapon at the end of the event (only one reward per person). 

CvRBA All Stars Game
2 teams of 3 (citizens) must play basketball until one team reaches 5 points. The winning team gets 2500 credits each OR a choice of weapon for a character. No fouling, cheating, or ball hogging (5 seconds to hold the ball, then they have to pass it to a teammate).

Do you understand and accept the following clause: I will not leak staff information in gamemaster channels or otherwise. I will not abuse my powers in-game or 
otherwise. I must add [DEFN] to my steam username as soon as I get accepted.

Do you understand the basics of ULX? (If so, list basic commands below)
!strip (hot)


I hope my GM application gets accepted!
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+1 Kenny gameing

Ok being serious you are good man and app is gameing so I plus one u
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