Kobii's Silly Warn Appeal.

Kobii  VIP Member 18 Oct 20 at 11:08am Edited
Strel did the warn , but you can ask him he was very distant and really dident want to come to a sit at all. Strel an i managed to get him to come over and speak but all he did was get angry with me and explain why I should of known better. As i said I admitted to my mistake.

The story goes like this i was coming up to J and saw a bunch of combine running around the stairs to the back of J thunder had his car stuck (at the time i was thinking he was repairing) Soo i ran up to j and was getting shot at by combine from the position thunder was in soo i peaked the corner and sprayed him down and a bunch of our units came and wiped the combine out, Then I hear someone say something about rdm , so im confused and see i shot a CWU, Then I start getting shot again soo i run away, I can see his tickets as a TGM but i cant answer them so im like sure let a mod take over and ill tell him its a mistake and im sorry about it. Soo strel ends up bringing me after i presume talking to thunder , wasent long he was with him since i was brought within 2 mins. Anyways I tell strel im sorry and its a mistake and he says its a warn so i ask is there a way i can not get a warn , he tells me i have to say sorry to thunder then its up to him other wise i can just take the warn and appeal it later. So strel tries to message thunder 3 or 4 times and hes just on the field running around not answering soo me and strel wait and strel is kinda busy and needs to do his job with others. I say ill wait for him in the admin area till thunder comes but strel was unsure if i should wait here for him or go or something he dident know. Thunder wouldent respond for a while longer till i come in a go in the admin chat and put "THUNDERRR" He then came over started telling me i should now this and that and no excuse soo i want to explain myself he then said i cant be here sorry then went away never to say anything and never let me speak. Honestly i was furious that he would not speak or anything. So i call BS and tell strel im gonna appeal and soo we are here.
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Clash  Certified Gamemaster VIP 18 Oct 20 at 11:42am
Regardless that's not how you handle things, especially for someone with an SA rank. Especially when Strel himself +1'd the appeal

My opinion still stands
Kenny  Certified Gamemaster VIP 18 Oct 20 at 11:43am
I genuinely don't get why people complain about getting killed. I honestly don't know why Thunder had to be such a cock during this situation, it could have been resolved so much quicker.
Ironic Neutral  VIP 18 Oct 20 at 12:42pm
hmm yes today i will get mad over getting killed by a gun that has basically no way of controlling where the bullets go

people make mistakes, and i think getting a warn for ACCIDENTALLY killing someone then IMMEDIATELY APOLOGIZING is fuckin stupid.

+1 get this shit off his record
Niko_  VIP 18 Oct 20 at 1:10pm
read everything above
ghost devison  VIP 18 Oct 20 at 3:24pm
+1 I have to agree with the above, also a quote "its only game, why you heff to be mad?"
Fel  Head Administrator VIP 21 Oct 20 at 11:49pm

Mistaken RDMs are a valid warn, While it is completely up to the staff member (TAKING THE SIT) and the player calling the sit (The reportee). It's best to check targets before shooting. We all make mistakes.

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