let us shoot in the air again ffs

bad rats fan 69  Member 11 Jul 21 at 5:48pm
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What is your suggestion?
re-enable shooting in the air, but disable ADS in the air and add a big stinky accuracy debuff like 50% or somthin

How would this benefit the server?
i realize that disabling shooting in the air was done to prevent crouch jumping in combat and shooting while bunny hopping, but disabling air shooting entirely is too heavy handed of a fix, for these reasons:

1. it is possible to run fast enough to accidentally surf on some map geometry, which counts as being in the air. this means you can be left defenseless under no fault of your own because of source jank. (recon problems lol) (should still be fixed tho)
2. slugger is op as hell, because once someone is in the air they have no counter. theoretically they could try to pull out their melee, but good luck lol. only real option is to hope you hit the ground before you die. im not saying its overpowered because it always works, it doesn't. its overpoweredness comes from removing options from the other player in an unfair way.
3. cant shoot on ladders. (cringe)
4. fucks with immersion by artificially restricting player choice. when i say "immersion" i dont mean "realism", nothing on this server is realistic lol. what i do mean is that it's annoying to click shoot button and have no bullets come out for an arbitrary reason. by having the gun at least pretend to be useful in the air, it keeps the player in the game and makes a better experience. 

adding the accuracy penalty and removing ADS in the air would prevent combat crouch jumpers / bunny hoppers from being effective, as their guns would just be spraying everywhere and they couldn't hit much outside of point blank range. it would make shooting in the air a last resort, an emergency option, only really done when you're caught with your pants down (or getting jank'd by source lole). juking people with floaty could potentially be annoying, but with the accuracy penalty it wouldn't be more than a funi meme strat which sometimes works but mostly doesn't. 
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