Lets talk about hitreg

Kenny McCormick  Head Gamemaster VIP 10 Feb 21 at 9:54pm
Hitreg is alright
-Confucious, 470 BC

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TheJC  Developer VIP 10 Feb 21 at 10:01pm
conshitcious, skill issue
Cheesey  Server Moderator VIP 11 Feb 21 at 12:05am
It has its moments, sometimes I shoot a guy in the foot and he shoots upwards like a rocket and dies so yeah.

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Game Boy  VIP 11 Feb 21 at 4:54am
Hitreg was invented by the bullet companies to sell more bullets
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Anti yes  Member 11 Feb 21 at 10:18am
"Just shoot them lol"
-Sun Tzu The Art of War

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