Loaf's GM Application (GM very cool guy)

Loaf of Tomatoes  Trial Gamemaster Member 7 Oct 20 at 9:03pm Edited
Full Ingame Name(s)
HECU FH "Nuts" Major Loaf
LVET FH Marksman PVT Loaf
MPF CROSS D-I 09 6419

SteamID & Discord Name/Tag
Loaf of Tomatoes#5598

What Region are you located in? What's your timezone?
North America, Wisconsin, CST.

Previous Punishments?
Only warns
Spawncamp x1
TK x1
Racism x1
RDM x1

What's your reason for becoming Gamemaster?
The reason why I want to become a gamemaster is that I feel like I could spice up CvR gameplay a little bit with fun serverwide events. When I can I'm pretty active on the server and CvR can just be really boring and feel very brainless and I feel like I could change that up a bit.

Have you ever been Event Staff or anything similar on other servers? If so please list below.
I have never been an event staff before

Explain how you take criticism from other people, from constructive to border-line harassment.
I take criticism pretty well from other people especially if its constructive. If it does get to harassment however, I try my best to not get in an argument with them.

A Combine CmD has openly expressed their distaste for an event you're doing at that moment. It has gotten to the point where he is actively disrupting your event. What is your course of action?
First off I would have to ask them to stop and if they don't, I would contact their DvL about their unprofessional behavior with proof as well as an admin to warn them for it.

A Resistance Fighter starts PMing you with some questions about a recent event you've done. However, because you were AFK, he has started harassing you. What is your course of action?
First I would tell them everything that they asked and if they keep up with the harassment I would contact their CO about a toxic RF with proof and an admin to warn them for it.

What are GM's permissions both inside and outside of events?
Outside of events, GM's can TP people to get them unstuck and spawn Civilians cars. Inside events they can build things that are a part of the event as well as the stuff I listed before.

You are hosting an important Post-Event DB and all of a sudden, the CO's ask you to leave so they can do their DB and exclude yours. What is your course of action?
First, if I could I would try to wrap up the DB as soon as possible and if I can't, I would kindly ask them to be patient.

A Gamemaster who said he would be assisting you in an event later on today hasn't shown up and now the event is running behind schedule. What should you do?
Try and see if you can do the event without them and if it's just too hard, cancel the event or see if there is another GM online.

After getting a green light on an event, you notice there are 3 vehicles deployed at once. It is causing a little lag, what is your course of action?
Ask the factions to undeploy their vehicles and if they refuse I would ask an admin to delete them.

What's the process GM's take before making events, from start to finish. (This is what YOU think)
First you would need to think of an event that everyone can enjoy and not just a few people that hop on civie to do something random and everyone else is left out. Then, decide what special things you are going to include in that event (For example vehicles and buildings. It would be highly recommended to make Dupes of buildings that you created in sandbox). Then after all that, figure out how you are going to execute the event.

A Resistance Captain is openly criticizing your event when he isn't in the event itself. It has gotten to the point where he is interrupting your important adverts relating to the event. What should you do?
First I would have to ask them to stop talking with adverts and if it gets to a point where they will not stop, I would ask an admin to mute them.

How often do you think GM's should host events?
About 3 times a week.

List three events that you might do if you get accepted (DETAILED AND BE ORIGINAL) [Campaigans and RP Situations are EXCLUDED]
First of and this is a classic gamemode, Duck Hunt. I would build a sort of 2D parkour area for Civies to navigate while another Civie I picked would get the LA/EOWA gun that is relevant to the weapon pack that is on the server at that time and take shots at the Civies doing the course while trying to take cover. Once a Civie that is completing the course completes the course, they would get that same gun and have a chance to kill the shooter.

Secondly, I could do sort of a bumper cars event where 5-7 Civies get cars and try to eliminate people from the game by raming them and destroying their car. It's a very simple gamemode but I think it would be a fun event.

[I EDITED THIS ONE] Third, I could take people who want in on the event make them civie, give them 300 health, and a crowbar, and do a serverwide hunger games type of battle. The last civie standing would get a prize of their choice, either an extra amount of health and HP on whatever character they choose (Except for classes like OSS, EOD, EOWA and LA) or a gun of their choice (Same goes for guns, no guns from the classes like EOD, OSS, EOWA and LA). I know this would be fun since melee fights are always fun on CvR.

Lastly, I could do a Capture the Flag type of event with the whole server where I would make a big arena with cover and 2 flag points with 2 GM's as 2 different colored rollermines. I would then give everyone a gravity gun so that they have a chance to pick up the roller mines. The 2 different teams would be Rebels and Combine, and I would only do this event if there is a semi-equal amount of people on the server. 

[EDIT] Many of the event's I would like to do are the ones that are excluded from this and would take a VERY long time to explain them since I would like to put a lot of work into them because they are my favorite type of events.

Do you understand and accept the following clause: I will not leak staff information in gamemaster channels or otherwise. I will not abuse my powers in-game or otherwise. I must add [DEFN] to my steam username as soon as I get accepted.
I will not leak staff info, abuse my powers and I will add [DEFN] to my name.

Do you understand the basics of ULX? (If so, list basic commands below)
Valiant  VIP 7 Oct 20 at 9:16pm
+1 | Loafy boi is good at doing stuff | knows what GM's can do and responsibilities |

Kenny McCormick  Head Gamemaster VIP 7 Oct 20 at 9:20pm Edited
-You have general knowledge of how GM works
-Answers are alright, not the best nor worse
-Knows ULX fairly well
-Events could use work, most aren't bad, but some can be removed (Bumper Cars is an okay nate night event, the Hunger Games one won't work at all).

Loaf, this application isn't the best nor worse, bbut it still is good. However, a GM's main purpose in the server is hosting events like giving cars, weapon strips, and stuff that requires skill. Doing these small scale, brainless, slap-turkey-on-a-wall-and-hope-it-sticks events won't work out well. You need to be able to show that you have the capability to host serious events that put GM in a good light. Until you fix this, I'm going to have to put a Neutral. Don't take this as a bad thing, as all you need to work on is the events. Good luck, buddy.

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Clash  VIP 8 Oct 20 at 11:39pm
when was your warn for rascism?

- slouchmeister guy 
Loaf of Tomatoes  Trial Gamemaster Member 8 Oct 20 at 11:55pm
Arrround like 2 months ago I cant check at the moment
Kobii  VIP 9 Oct 20 at 12:46am
Ill give you a +1 could do with some more flare but its good enough for a +1
Angry Putin  VIP 9 Oct 20 at 12:50am
I HATE LOAF SO MUCH I MIGHT AS WELL -1, nah for real +1. Your an over all great guy. The events sound nice, u know a good ton Yey buhr. U deserve GM.
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PyroShark  Certified Gamemaster VIP 9 Oct 20 at 12:40pm
decent events, very trustworthy and a good personality, shows a lot of potential as a GM if he makes it in. +1


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