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Heretic  Member 15 Dec 19 at 11:27pm
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What is your suggestion?
A footstep system that people could use to spot MACE, Players will leave slight marks in the ground (Natural Terrain, Not roads/roofs) They will last about 30 seconds, They can also be used to track other players as well as see where a MACE Might be with random footsteps randomly appearing in the ground around you.

How would this benefit the server?

Possible MACE Counter

Can help track players
Only works on natural terrain, Making it somewhat balanced.

Might be performance heavy with so many assets appearing with around 70 players on daily.

Could be used as an excuse to metagame MACE's.
Anti yes  Member 16 Dec 19 at 4:40pm
-1 At this point its just people getting salty at the class in general. Also its probably gonna lag the shit out of the server because both combine and rebel base are on natural terrain and all you're gonna see is footsteps

Codex  VIP 16 Dec 19 at 4:48pm
Pretty sure a system similar to this was announced in the discord asking for our opinions before. Not sure what happened to it.
Hydroid Prime  Member 16 Dec 19 at 4:48pm
-1, the class is perfectly fine as-is. The only nerfs that'd need to happen to it are duration nerfs to the cloak because having a near-infinite cloak doesn't really encourage skilled gameplay, but this is CvR, so skill isn't really encouraged for the most part.
Poison  VIP 16 Dec 19 at 4:50pm
-1 its easy to counter mace


Saladin  VIP 16 Dec 19 at 4:52pm
The idea in concept isn’t bad and makes sense, but in practice it’s trash. Mace are alright as is save for the uncloak sound existing.

“Pain gets the better of us all”
                                           - Saladin
Bruticus  VIP 16 Dec 19 at 4:53pm
This idea has been reviewed before, that's all I'm gonna say.
Shower  Server Administrator VIP 16 Dec 19 at 4:53pm
-1 countering mace is a non issue
Walse  VIP 16 Dec 19 at 5:37pm

All im going to say is that MACE in their current state can only really take down a 100/100 class. Countering MACE really isn't that hard. If you have decent reaction time, you can easy 180 and kill the MACE. I've done it hundreds if not thousands of times already. Also like other people mentioned, this would cause a lot of lag, which is already bad enough on the server.
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