Make Combine playermodels NOT show up in the dark.

[DEFN] Aithead  Affairs Counselor Certified Gamemaster 13 Jan 20 at 12:04am Edited
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A: MPF GRID OFC II Rust, OVA THUNDER TR AC-III 09 2973, CWU L.I. Avenski, SU PFC Ledlok, E8 Eng. Aide Cedric

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A: Aithead#4321

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A: N/A (I don't have any suggestions for addons to fix this, least of all something that actually has a new playermodel for every class)

What is your suggestion?
A: An in the title, Make Combine Playermodels Not Glow In The Dark.

(Look at the picture now) THIS is a prime example. See this picture? Can you see the EOD in the picture? No. Can you see my head CLEARLY outlined in the darkness? YES.

It is incredibly annoying to be killed by players who you can't see because THEY can see YOU due to lights on your god damn forehead. 

Yes, I am in fact upset.

Granted, this is not as much of a problem with specific models as they have far less lights, but it is still an issue for the classes that DO experience it.

How would this benefit the server?
A: Not giving Resistance units a clear advantage in combat around dark areas. 

Now some of you Resistance people may go "oh it isn't a big deal just keep playing" (Yes I see you in the comments unironically copying my words) but can YOU see the EOD in the room?

There is plenty of combat around the under area of G, and when I am trying to Lurk and be a big meanie to any RFs that enter the building my Big Flashing strobe lights taped to my forehead really put a damper on my fun.

EDIT: Picture refuses to upload. Just picture my GRID with a EOD basically standing on my corpse but being virtually invisible in the darkness.
Pleas Fix. 

Claymore Roomba.

Duck around and find out.
Void  VIP 13 Jan 20 at 12:06am
There is... No picture
[DEFN] Aithead  Affairs Counselor Certified Gamemaster 13 Jan 20 at 12:07am
(13 Jan 20 at 12:06am)Void Wrote: There is... No picture

Look at the edit you fool.
Void  VIP 13 Jan 20 at 12:08am
Ok fine +1 it does get annoying even playing as Rebel to know you basically win a fight due to something they can't control
Captain McGee  Trial Gamemaster 13 Jan 20 at 12:15am
+1 for sure. It's what makes J one of the least popular points to play on, even over B.
[DEFN] Pielord  Certified Gamemaster VIP 13 Jan 20 at 1:30am
+1, definately would balance everything out
Butch (Fake Tower)  Member 13 Jan 20 at 1:37am
-1 as a mostly combine player there is really no need for it. it may not be balanced, be if we are going down to this level, we are getting kinda nit picky about balancing.
Poison  VIP 13 Jan 20 at 1:43am
-1 butch explained it all, in my opinion, it's not a big deal at all.


Raven.  Server Administrator VIP 13 Jan 20 at 3:03am
is f the flashlight key

Major General Raven
MACE Cosmic
OSS Raven
Poison  VIP 13 Jan 20 at 3:04am
also what raven said


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