Make guns spawn auto equipped / reloaded

BOT Pieswick  VIP 21 Mar 21 at 2:59pm
FULL RP Name(s):
A: MPF CROSS CmD Dread, MPF MACE LT 05 4238, HVY PVT Epon.

Discord Username:
A: Terry#8947 

Steam ID:
A: STEAM_0:1:85813277 

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What is your suggestion?
A: Making it so that when you spawn, your gun is already out / if this is deemed unviable in the current climate, at least making it loaded.

How would this benefit the server?
A: Even though I'm not a CQC unit, spawning on an SL and having to reload defats half the purpose of spawning on a squad leader. This is because, depending on your weapon, you spawn on your squad leader and die far before you have the opportunity to even get near completing your reload of your gun, essentially forcing you to rely spawning on pure luck, as if there's an enemy nearby you're screwed. I understand this weapon pack is meant to be slower paced, but this feature, in my opinion, takes that idea too far considering the advantage someone else will have.

Understand that if your suggestion is accepted, there is a possibility it won't actually be implemented. This could be due to a variety of development reasons.

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[DEFN] Sentinel  President 21 Mar 21 at 3:01pm
By reload do you mean the initial draw animation?

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BOT Pieswick  VIP 21 Mar 21 at 3:02pm
Yes, drawing my gun and having to insert a new mag on top of pulling it out.

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[DEFN] Sentinel  President 21 Mar 21 at 3:02pm
Why do you have to insert a new mag? You mean for 1 in the chamber?

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[DEFN] Sentinel  President 21 Mar 21 at 3:04pm
Oh still the initial draw animation, ok

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Kenny McCormick  VIP 21 Mar 21 at 3:04pm
that's just a pullout animation, purely cosmetic as far as I know.

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BOT Pieswick  VIP 21 Mar 21 at 3:06pm
Feels far too long for a pullout animation, as you can't fire for the duration.

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Schizm  VIP 21 Mar 21 at 3:29pm
yeah the pullout has gotten me killed a lot, especially if your SL is in combat and you are somehow able to spawn on them mid firefight.

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