Map Emplacements and interactable objects

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(Not actually suggesting the use of these, but providing as an example)

What is your suggestion?
A: I got a bunch.

Reading into the "We're going to focus on making this current map great as opposed to creating a brand new map each time" message, along with the "Adding interactable objects" concept, I bring stuff.
  • Map Artillery. There was another map, used a while ago, that had a Combine Arty emplacement in an attic that could target some locations on the map with a fairly large cooldown. Adding a few of these would provide a decent array of controllable locations that create tangible benefits to gameplay for controlling. You can also add some funky sounds.
Proposed Concept: Mid-range cooldown (2-5 minutes) with a mid-damage barrage of high intensity, low splash damage strikes on a limited, targeted set of areas (different for each structure, some may share though). Using this structure costs nothing to player/faction. (Ex. 6 bolts of energy rain down on a target area, amount is not defined)
  • Emplacement Guns. Entrenched weaponry around the map that is highly effective, but limited in controlled area. Should be installed around choke points and spawns (facing outwards ofc). Ammo cap + regenerating ammo prevents these from being just simple "hold M1" weapons, and their stationary nature makes players who use them vulnerable to snipers.
Proposed Concept: Combine(/Rebel?) turrets lain around the map at strategic points, High damage, low spread, limited ammo cap + regenerating ammo.
  • Secret Places. Areas of the map that are concealed in some way but provide access to advantageous areas of the map, be they rooftops or flanking routes. That or they're literally just meme boxes.
-These provide more detailing and variance to the map, and people actually do enjoy discovering easter eggs, even if they just contain a meme plastered to a wall. One variety of these would be secret passages that are only accessible to climb-swep classes for use to make infiltrations more sneaky than "charge in and hope it works."
-Openable trapdoors, doors opened by nearby somewhat hidden buttons, vents, ect. Plenty of options.

How would this benefit the server?

They make the map more interesting by providing both interactable objects and either making some areas of greater strategic import, OR creating alternate areas that are desirable to control, and they add more depth to the game in ways that are not limited to just one class.

Also, someone mentioned interactable map objects, so basically this is just a small list of things that would be nice to add.

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Hydroid Prime  Member 9 Jun 20 at 8:57pm
+1 this map lacks a lot currently and this would add a bit of personality to it
Echos  VIP 9 Jun 20 at 9:21pm
+1 we had a emplacement on a map once, it was useful so why not have more of it and the secret passages/areas sounds like a fun activity to find them all

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Donte Deliano  Member 10 Jun 20 at 12:10am
a well thought out and good idea? amazing!
consul.  Member 10 Jun 20 at 3:01am
+1 I really do not see any problems with this.
Soviet  Member 10 Jun 20 at 5:25am
+1 funnyby shoots
Boomstick  VIP 10 Jun 20 at 6:07am
+1 If MACEs cant use emplacements while cloaked.
Kenny McCormick  VIP 10 Jun 20 at 1:14pm
+1 I like the idea, especially with emplacements around the bases and everything. But I'd like to see something added as well

- - Mines
Mines all around the map that Ballistas and Heavys have to clear, or else they'll explode if you step on them. They regenerate periodically to avoid lag.

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