Mechanics I think should be changed about SU/MACE

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What is your suggestion?
A: Alright, so basically, the situation as I see it there are a few things that should either be clarified, or changed for several of the elements of SU/MACE.

First of all, I think C4 should be changed a bit. Currently, the rules in the MOTD, interpreted R.A.W, state basically that C4 has the cooldown of 10 mins, on the SAME prop. That means if a SU 
-Going to use SU as an example from now on- fails a roll against a prop, he can simply go to the next prop and try again. 

My suggested fix for this, is to turn the C4 mechanic into a internalized roll. 
How this would function is simple, the SU uses /plantbomb (Or something similar, like /c4), and they have a 80% chance of succeeding. If they fail, they are just slain. If they succeed, their C4 destroys the prop the command was used on, as well as every prop that was touching the source prop. The use of this ability would have a 5 min internal cooldown (Not global on the same prop) to prevent spam.

OPTIONAL: The command places a C4 prop which can be destroyed by a couple of bullets, and lasts for approx. 10 seconds before the destruction of the props; this would give classes the opportunity to disarm the bomb, as a fairly large complaint I have seen is that there really isn't a counter to SU's C4.

This idea also fixes the issue of Admins not being there to resolve the roll sometimes.

Possible issues: 

Floating props; the bomb destroys supports but fails to destroy the bridge/ramp/whatever it was supporting. 
SOLUTION: The bomb's radius extends a short radius around the prop, allowing the C4 to hit things that are barely not touching the source.

Now for my next act; SU/MACE should be able to use the MP5SD and the Mac-10s, respectively. They're both silenced, it's just SU can't use the MP5SD because it still shows up in the killfeed; I assume the same is true for MACE and the Mac-10s.

Finally, I think that a couple of the detection policies should be changed for both classes.
(But wait, there is a sublist!)
First, I think that MACE should be able to be found with flashlights; legally. The compromise for this would be that Flashlights for both sides have a battery life which automatically recharges after a short period of time to prevent people from just having their flashlight turned on all the time.

And Secondly, I think that the chance for SUs to pass an ID check should be reduced by 2% for each additional person who is near enough to see the /id message (And maybe like 5% for OSEs). This would make it hard for SUs to pass their checks when a large number of people are nearby, hence limiting the number of times when say, I, pass ID checks like 7 times in a row in the middle of a crowd of Combine who should have probably already shot me by that point. 

OPTIONAL: The % chance would be boosted by like 3% for each other SU that is nearby.

Also, I would like to remove the ability of SU/MACE NCOs to grant their own Infils, though I don't have any particular set of reasons why; it just seems wrong to me. Not to say that said NCOs wouldn't be able to grant OTHER people's infil perms, just not their own.

How would this benefit the server?
A: Couple of these are mechanical fixes that function as quality-of-life patches to make life easier on Admins, SU, and MACE.

The rest will take a bit more explaining.

Everyone hates fighting SU/MACE. I feel like i can fairly confidently say that, with the acknowledgement to the few exceptions, nobody enjoys fighting classes that get to make the first move on you, at their leisure, 90% of the time. If you are an exception, good on you, but fuck off. This isn't about you. 

Even as someone who plays SU I will tell you right now that both SU and MACE are broken overpowered. MACE with their literal invisibility, and SU with their 1/2 meta-shield. I say 1/2 because from a distance, you can't really tell if someone is an SU unless they are actually shooting you, or have a DMR out. Other than that, yeah it's a meta-shield.

These nerfs I have suggested I hope would help balance the classes out a bit so that normal units have a bit more of a chance against them.

Post yer thoughts in the comments anddon'tforgettoLikecommentsubscribe          AlsoMerryChristmas

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Shower  Server Administrator VIP 25 Dec 19 at 11:58am Edited
what do you mean su can't use the mp5sd? I've been using it for awhile now and it works fine with our slient killfeed?

also -1 for the mace suggestions and the roll suggestions, mace suggestion is retarded
[DEFN] Aithead  Affairs Counselor Certified Gamemaster 25 Dec 19 at 1:30pm
(25 Dec 19 at 11:58am)Shower Wrote: what do you mean su can't use the mp5sd? I've been using it for awhile now and it works fine with our slient killfeed?

also -1 for the mace suggestions and the roll suggestions, mace suggestion is retarded

Oh, a while back I had noticed SUs showing up in the killfeed with the MP5SD, I might be hallucinating though.
Shower  Server Administrator VIP 25 Dec 19 at 1:31pm
yes stop snorting lines of crack and nutmeg
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DesiNR_M  Member 25 Dec 19 at 2:15pm Edited
The thing with Mace being allowed to be spotted by flashlight is just a big NO in my opinion, that would make Mace really trash.
The thing with SU ID Checks, Well in real life only the person who asked you for the ID will check what's the point of standing units to check IDs if it has been checked by a NPU already. (That's like saying hey can you check this ID I already checked?)
The thing with SU C4 what's the problem if they fail a roll to plant it, like how do they end up killing themselfs if it fails, I guess you'd say the bomb would explode on him but if that would happend the props near the bomb would also explode so it's like a soul for a prop. (Good deal)

Some other small ideas are fine but most of is many arguments on "fixing" mace/su
People will never get happy no matter how much the server buffs MACE/SU

(Fun story, I was disguised and I killed a union from behind then he quit playing CVR)
Bel1ve.  VIP 26 Dec 19 at 7:15am Edited

Good idea for mace, but I don't think that the ID check would change much as they could pretty much shoot you and let's be honest on the field I doubt anyone is gonna hurdle around you to boost ID chances. To add up that this could be used against them heavily if someone tends to metagame SU.

So mace +1

SU -1 as I don't see a reason to make it a /plantbomb function for them destroy props, cause they really have to sometimes just roll several times to take different props down and the roll chances could be shit or good :l is random so. It is just a matter of how many props, which props get deleted by staff and your roll chances.
Saladin  VIP 26 Dec 19 at 1:44pm
Don’t feel like typing much, but the mace suggestion is retarded, and SU can already be dealt with fine. Another thing, you don’t always have to win against an infiltration class, I know , it’s crazy, but them having an advantage in certain areas that their class is literally built to have an advantage in is O K.
Anti yes  Member 28 Dec 19 at 11:31pm Edited
big -1 everything is fine right now. Mace would be completely useless even with the battery addition to it because the only dark spot on the map is the 1st level of G and old M. and the flashlight detection thing is a bug its not a feature you can get warned and banned if you constantly do it. SU has the high chance to succeed (i think) a ID check because to compensate for our cloaks because the have to worry for more variables when infiltrating. And lastly mace arent as ultra op as you make it out to be, with the loud ass de-cloak noise and pullout times for weapons you can be a decent player or have above 125/125 health/AP and just do a quick 180 and kill them.

+1 for the internalized roll because it probably annoys the shit out of staff.

MR.Arrow  Member 30 Dec 19 at 3:27pm
Im going to have to give you a -1 on everything but the internal C4 roll I would love to see that.
1.Removing NCO permison to grant it is a bit stupid and should be up to SU leadership or respectively Mace leadership
2.Both mace and Su can use both suppressed weapons and benefit from the no kill feed
3. Allowing mace to be found out by flashlights would just obliterate there whole job as they would no longer be able to sneak around efficiently without being detected by flashlights which 2/3 of players have on. And a battery would certainty be annoying like the Stamina think we tried a few maps back.
4. The ID % was increased in compensation for 2/3 of the SU Metagame rules being slashed.
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