Memoir's of a Former Combine Officer or the Re-Collections of a CvR Boomer

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Others who had an impact on my CvR experience

And the man with whom my feud tore a faction apart

I apologise in advance for any:

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Failures to elaborate (I can’t recall every detail and I am a lazy person)

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Is Boomer really the right term? I certainly haven’t been here as long as the likes of Hangman and Tzula, (although Tzula doesn’t really count since they’d disappeared from the server several times over). Anyways this is just something I’m going to be doing on the side while developing the re-written version if IWCO (Interviews with a Former Combine Officer), and because Volkus keeps asking for history. 

Around late 2018 I joined CvR, can’t recall if it was late November or early December that I’d first logged into Canals. In all honesty I’d intended to cause some mayhem, RDM, break as many rules as possible, etc etc, before being inevitably banned. After all, what kind of name was Combine VS Rebels? I thought some kid with an obsession with HL2RP had made it. It had some childish quality to it. I don’t entirely recall what it was that lured me in, I half expected the same cut and dry Star Wars/Military RP crap with a HL2 reskin, which to be completely fair it kind of was back then (and still sort of is). Maybe it was the fact I actually got to be in combat instead of standing around base doing fuck all, waiting for some officer with a compensation issue to give us the authority to actually have some fun. 

So there I am, some UNION 09 with nothing but a stun baton and a crappy USP Match pistol. If you want a bit of perspective on the general uselessness of that gun, think of Warhammer 40k and how much shit the Lasgun is given, the fact it barely damaged anything and only works in large numbers. The only saving grace for that gun was that it had a decent rate of fire and was relatively accurate. Somehow we managed to hold B, the central point of Canals, which if I recall correctly in the most recent iteration was referred to as C, for a while. CvR had a real balance problem at the time, way worse than it was now, a squad of Unions was basically dead if it had to deal with anything at close-range, and for the life of me I cannot understand why they decided to give the Rebel Fighter an SMG and stick UNIONs with the pistol. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that literally any class outside of the MPF was capable of clearing out B by itself. Again, big balance problems at the time. 

At the time the server was being ran by a fellow called 8-Ball, can’t remember the Deputy Server Manager though, I just remember him being called a lazy fuck and getting kicked out after disappearing and returning to management in mid-2019. 8-Ball was an interesting fellow, first time I interacted with him was in the training room where he was torturing some poor HELIX (atleast I think it was a HELIX) with an M202 Rocket Launcher. He came off as a person who didn’t take himself too seriously, surprising given he was the Planetary Commander (although not too surprising given the personalities of future PCs), but man did he make one decision that would colour my perspective of him with shit, but I’ll save that for later. The Sectoral Commander was that Deputy Server Manager guy, again don’t remember much about him, but I remember the job kept fluctuating between him and Sylveon for whatever reason. I get the feeling that Sylveon just inserted himself into that position whenever it felt convenient. The shit you could get away with as a developer back then.

Rebel Leadership is a toughie, I only am able to recall the Leader of the Resistance, a man named Dmitri, he held the Rebels in a DB that lasted about an hour and apparently consisted of nothing but him yelling at them about something. Probably the fact they couldn’t capture B or whatever. I blame this inability to know primarily on the fact I’ve been a Combine main for most of my time on CvR, I’ve only ever been a Rebel main for a short tenure. 

Going back on track, it hadn’t taken long before I’d finally managed to reach 08 at a DB, it was either a mass promotion or someone recommending me, can’t recall (seeing a pattern here?). It was more or less the same old for a while, rush to B, plink off at the Rebels, die to someone lone-wolfing B, rush back again. Not much changed except that fateful day when I say an announcement in the Combine Radio chat (which was just /ad, it took way too long for that system to get replaced, seriously).

MACE Tryouts, people who wanted to attend were to head off to the MPF DvL’s office immediately, 07+ only. The MPF DvL at the time, Ryken, had cut me and some other 08s some slack and allowed us to attend regardless, citing it was only a rank difference. I hadn’t cared much for what MACE did, infact nobody actually could really define MACE back then (unlike the invisible bastards they are now), I was only in it for the SMG, an actually effective weapon unlike the USP I’d been stuck with for weeks. 

God that tryout was fun, helped that the DvL in question was an admin and staff spawning rules were very loose at the time. 

Objective was to rescue the ‘hologram’ of Doctor Breen. We were met with waves of NPCs, and a mini-strider on our way back to base. I remember this Razor was going to town and took down huge swathes of the brain-dead bastards. I got in, in the end, luckily I wasn’t discounted after being killed by the mini-strider, (Ryken had deemed it an unfair addition). There I was feeling proud and happy about getting a spanking new model and a gun that can actually kill Rebels effectively. Of course that feeling of pride soon wore off the next day when UNION had finally received the exact same gun, replacing the USP as well. 

That was a bittersweet feeling. 
I’ll write more at some point but for now this is what I got, expect more soon, if you care anyway.

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DSM was Cynical
[DEFN] Pyro Shark  Head Gamemaster VIP 10 Feb 20 at 3:50am
ok boomer

was nearly here the same amount of time as you lol
Destitute the :dab:  Affairs Counselor VIP 10 Feb 20 at 4:50am
(10 Feb 20 at 3:50am)[DEFN] Pyro Shark Wrote: ok boomer

was nearly here the same amount of time as you lol

Hangman and Tzula were people I could name off the top of my head smh
Some guy on the internet  Member 10 Feb 20 at 5:38am
Quality stuff though wouldn't the "citing it was only a rank difference" be better phrased as "citing it was only a one rank difference"?

Used to play here between 2018-2019, only @'s destitute with shitpost in the discord now.

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The one chapter where I talk about stone

I got fast-tracked very quickly to SqL, in fact it was almost entirely on a whim I’d reached that position. I was only an 06 by this point in time, when I was approached by a Mace SqL who asked if I’d wanted to replace him as the SqL (don’t know why he thought SqL was like an officer position that needed replacement, guess it was just how it operated at the time), not being one to turn down a free promotion, I’d accepted it and he recommended me at the next DB. Cynical (the Sectoral Commander and Deputy Server Manager, thank you Combean for reminding me) hesitated for a moment and questioned if this was what the SqL really wanted, to which he quite quickly said yes. I’d received some flak for being promoted that quickly, there was one KILO in particular who questioned if I’d self-promoted myself and took the complaint to the MPF DvL, however he was a known troublemaker (aka abusing his GM powers to act as staff) and the situation was resolved relatively peacefully.

My promotion to Officer I had occurred on Ineu valley, I was recommended by a gang of UNIONs with whom I had to wrangle and get in order, it was something of a pity recommendation as the one who recommended me stated “He’s had to deal with us all day”, I’m paraphrasing of course but it was something along those lines. Safe to say I certainly wasn’t expecting the recommendation, nor was I expecting it to be accepted, when they told me to choose a name, well I don’t know why I chose Destitute exactly, I think it was the only good name I could think of at the time, so I stuck with it ever since.

Being an officer was actually relatively uneventful, by that point Sentinel had start placing a larger focus on CvR and we’d switched to the Combine Weaponry pack. What a broken pack that was, jesus christ the PMP was something completely out of this world. I started getting alot more requests from people to host MACE tryouts because of that gun.

I only ever held 3 MACE tryouts, and only one of them was ever really that important. This MACE tryout was how Raven got into MACE, it also brought on the first person with whom I’d have a conflict with on this server.

A man named Stone.

I didn’t think much of Stone, he seemed competent, just normal really. He crashed at the tail-end of the tryout, but I decided to let him in anyway after he asked me, I’d deemed him good enough and he hadn’t failed upto that point.

Out of that 3 I let in on that tryout, Raven was the best decision I made, and Stone was the worst. Of course I didn’t know at the time what hell Stone would put me through.

Everything was quite uneventful for a while, I had noticed that Raven and Stone were climbing the ranks fast, very fast, probably helped that MACE held alot of privilege at the time, being considered the Elite of the Elite in the MPF. I felt some envy when they quickly overtook me in rank, but looking back on it now it was pretty petty.

The first conflict started when I got a message from Stone about Raven. Stone accused Raven of having self-promoted himself, this was a time when I was still quite new to act as an Officer, and I was also still quite young so I took Stone for his word. I’d talked to the MPF DvL at the time, Pyke, asking if he could begin an investigation to it, to which he agreed he’ll look into. Infact, this situation was what originally introduced me to the Grid CmD Atlas. It didn’t take long for Atlas to come forward and announce that he and other officers had recommended Raven at a DB, to which Pyke had actually consented to the promotion but for whatever reason seemed to have forgotten when I asked him to investigate. This made Atlas and the other Officers a target for Stone, but I was still suspicious of Raven, which in hindsight was stupid once I realised the kind of man Stone really was. I’d mistakenly believed the situation was done and dusted, and everything had become cleared up, but Stone wasn’t done yet, he’d pull some other bullshit in the future.

And so rolled in the MACE fucking DvL Stone. I mentioned earlier that 8-Ball made a decision that coloured my perspective of him shit, and this was that decision. For whatever reason he’d decided to allow Stone to become the DvL of MACE, totally disregarding the ranking structure and almost for sure on a whim. When I found out about this, safe to say I was confused and I had originally believed it to be a joke, to Stone it wasn’t a joke, and this was the time when my relations with him broke down, and he left me on an insult.

Pyke managed to get the MACE DvL position removed, but Stone was still instated as the MACE CmD, so he still held power over the subdivision. The pettiest thing he every did to me was by ordering that I come meet him in the training hall, upon arriving there I asked him what he needed to which he just stared at me like I was dumb. He waited for a few seconds before informing me that I had failed to salute him, rolling my eyes I complied with his request, and then asked him what it was he needed.

He dismissed me right after, telling me that he didn’t need me for anything.

That decision provoked me to up and leave MACE, I certainly didn’t want to deal with Stone anymore so I contacted Lockdown. I’d been acquaintances with Lockdown for a while before this point, I can’t remember exactly how we met but I remember asking him if I could transfer to NPU. I was given an Officer position straight out due to the division transfer rank rules being abit… well loose at the time, as were most things in early CvR. I completed the tryout and begun the augmentation RP when my worst fucking nightmare walked in.

Stone had become the Sectoral Commander, and he ordered that the operation be stopped immediately. He planned to CK me for whatever fucking reason, and I was seeing red. I shot him with a grenade launcher, and he told me in the most child-like voice possible, “YoUr’E iN tRoUbLe.” Like a fucking 8 year old.

Lockdown ran off to meet with 8-Ball who walked into the surgery room with Stone and try to get him to stand Stone down. He told me over discord to just leave the server for a while and lay low for abit while he tries to work this stuff out. Apparently Stone had been offered the Deputy Server Manager position and that’s why he was on the Sectoral Commander job, if that were to happen, simply put I was planning on just leaving the community as a whole by that point.

Except that didn’t happen, and Stone earned the shit-stained honour of being the Sectoral Commander who lasted 1 day.

After that incident, my induction into the NPU proceeded uninterrupted, and so began my career in the NPU.

That’s all for now, I’ll write more tomorrow or the day after.
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