Missing scope textures

The Mighty Bob  Member 8 Feb 20 at 1:31am
FULL RP Name(s): Resistance UP SPC Mighty

Discord Username: The Mighty Bob

Steam ID: 76561198083000052

Explain the bug: Certain attachments don't have textures. I've followed the missing content guide, downloaded both content packs from in game and in discord, cleared my addon and download folders and reinstalled all my subscriptions, and run the line of console code. Nothing has helped me 

When did you first start experiencing this bug? (Give best estimated date)
Combean0007  Director of Personnel VIP 8 Feb 20 at 3:29am
Have you followed squanchy's guide in infra help center?

NPU CmD Meridian
[Image: F9E315C7F9B284DA912DC86DCB17E86D839C7E73]
Venom  Senior Infrastructure Moderator 2 May 20 at 1:24pm
Old Bug, being moved to Reviewed
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