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Alma Armas  Server Administrator VIP 4 May 21 at 3:27pm
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HECU PVT Koko Hekmatyar
SU Biggus Dickus
EOW REAPER 08 3641

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⌜Alma Armas⌟#1410

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CvR Content Pack

What is your suggestion?
2 things: Add an option to change the EOW bodygroup to this model over here so they can use it in forest maps and not stand out as the Marshmellow they are.
This will mean EOWR will have access to their current colorable white model and this camo model
[Image: Screenshot_20.png]
Change the OVA CO model to this one over here so we can be targeted more easily and be sexy
[Image: Screenshot_21.png]

How would this benefit the server?
MP and SU can capture OVA OFC more easily and Combine units can distinguish CO's from other Chad KILOs

For EOW: They can actually get a camo which works in maps like Outlands2 AND on urban areas and not be easily spotted within overgrowth. This would massivly improve performance for EOWR  surviving outside in folliage like every other divison, since they are the only ones with the brightest main color.

Besides, none of these models are in use, and are already in the pack and downloaded by every single player on the server currently, which saves a lot of pain for devs.
OrangeTango  Certified Gamemaster VIP 4 May 21 at 3:28pm
+1 from what i was told a while back, we couldn't have that model due to them having EOWR hands, but tbh it cant be that hard to swap them with the regular KILO ones
Valiant  VIP 4 May 21 at 3:35pm
+1 One of the reasons I left EOWR is because it wasn't fun being spotted so much on alot of the maps (Not much of a problem for EOWA since they already have a darker bodygroup, even OSS has a more discrete bodygroup), and most (if not all) of the combine CO skins have altered bodygroups/playermodels, KILO shouldn't be an exception, especially with how important vehicles can be

OrangeTango  Certified Gamemaster VIP 4 May 21 at 3:37pm Edited
i want to look like an ARMOURED FROG so i can strike terror into the rebels
oogasboogas  VIP 4 May 21 at 3:42pm
+1 marshmellows are too recognizable and I do think CO jobs should be more distinguishable from enlisted/nco
Carbonated Carbon  Certified Gamemaster VIP 4 May 21 at 4:23pm
+1 seems cool


Echos  VIP 4 May 21 at 4:32pm
-1 bro eowr looks like shit omg!!!!! terrible!!!!

+1 though, EOWR are on par with R&D with sticking out in the open
Raven.  Head Administrator VIP 4 May 21 at 5:44pm
Eh, you complain about being spotted on forest maps but on snow maps you blend in. Imo, something like giving snipers a ghillie suit so rangers model advantage towards sniper is gone makes more sense.

Neutral though, just providing my opinion
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Anti yes  Member 4 May 21 at 5:52pm
They got colored pads that are bright red

[Image: 77b0b18e08493736a39b5ef74e5f387c.png]
[DEFN] Aithead  Head Gamemaster VIP 4 May 21 at 6:21pm Edited
oh dear god please don't tell me ya'll are arguing about a model being more or less visible and the "advantages" that come with it. Model options are usually cool though. With the way gameplay works you usually spot other people when you're looking at them, Gmod playermodels are not that hard to distinguish from the surroundings, and anybody with a decent set of eyes can look for a moving object. (Yes i'm discriminating against blind people)

For snipers specifically there's a game mechanic that invalidates most stealth related arguments simply known as Scope Glint.
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