My CvR anniversary retrospective.

Game Boy  VIP 6 Apr 21 at 5:18am Edited
I gotta say... 


In all seriousness though I've been playing this server for 2 years now and despite my gripes with it over the years it was well worth it to meet you people and experience the fun times this community can produce.

Even if I decide to stop playing the server at some point I'll gladly stay around the community and hang out.

My first map was original CvR main. My 1st weapon pack was the Black Ops and Modern Warfare weapons (I miss the Galil and Famas). I went from UNION 0935 to Riot 0935 got to 04 then joined Sword. Made a second character, named it UNI0N 0000, joined Kilo with it, and the rest is history. 

Looking forward to a hopefully bright future with you guys. 

This started as a joke post when I started writing it lol.

Then I got nostalgic
TheJC  Developer VIP 6 Apr 21 at 7:03am Edited
[Image: LYebDnV.jpg]

who the fuck is Laxy?


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Raven.  Head Administrator VIP 6 Apr 21 at 8:35am
my penis has a tingling sensation
Game Boy  VIP 6 Apr 21 at 1:09pm
(6 Apr 21 at 7:08am)OrangeTango Wrote: Don’t ck

Not anytime soon™
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