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[DEFN] Aithead  Affairs Counselor Certified Gamemaster 1 Jul 20 at 1:01pm
So. Shotguns.

Shotguns SHOULD be effective in CQC, yes. This makes sense. I think the Winchester and Double Barrel (Just gonna call it a DB) should reward accuracy, while the Auto thingy should be able to out DPS just about anything within a lesser range than the aforementioned 2 shotguns. Meanwhile the M1014 should be a combination of the two, faster firing than the W1200 or DB, but not as fast as the super soaker.

So just to clarify, I think shotguns should be dominant in CQC.

I also think that shotguns need more reliable hitreg (If that's even possible at this point), and a highly increased damage falloff rate, in return for reduced spread. That way, shotguns actually do LESS damage at longer ranges, but are more consistent at closer ranges, like they should be.
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