Nerf and buff ideas (Mainly nerf ideas)

ajc007007  Member 19 Aug 22 at 2:12pm
Look, CVR isn't perfect but with how easy or hair pulling the game has become (Depending on which side your on. Not division, SIDE) it basically just feels like the worst athlete in the world trying to lift 200 pound weights while the best athlete in the world takes a brisk stroll through a 0.5 mile town. So here are a few things that I feel need to be nerfed or buffed slightly.

I may be a bit heavy on the language, I've been writing this after I've had all these issues happen to me or others or are about to happen.

Why does the RU have to be more powerful than ALL of the combine's infantry COMBINED? It's tedious as fuck to fight him because he has both long and short range options for an engagement. His shotgun is way to powerful, has a TON of firerate,  and has RIDICULOUS ammo capacity, and his LMG is just better at long range which because of how dark the RU skin is makes it difficult to figure out what the fuck is shooting you and when you DO find out you're already good as dead.

Mortar Strike triangulator... Why the fuck is the nerf this heavy? Just make it so that it doesn't damage SU's and MACE not make it so that it damages EVERYONE INCLUDING your TEAM.

Sniper movement. They're meant to be mobile but not meant to be so fuck quick that it makes any engagement feel like your a X10 brass beast heavy trying to move. This is an issue on both sides since the sniper is fast as fuck, especially with the right perks. Now this is most prominent on the rebel side since their snipers are fast af. So I feel like ADS movement speed should be decreased for snipers, and also linger in between scopes.

Automatic weaponry (Outside of LMGS and Shotgun). Whenever I used auto weapons or were attacked by one it either
A: Did too little damage
B: Did too much before the enemy could react
Now of course AR's are meant to do that exact thing, same with SMGs. But I feel like SMG weapons deal way more damage than their AR counterparts (The P90 and MP7 makes sense, though should still be balanced)  Maybe nerfing the damage of SMGs and maybe like a few ARs, as well as buffing most ARs (With some acceptations)

DMRs... Now not all DMRs are over powered, in fact I feel like they're the most balanced guns in the game which is saying something. But I feel like the only outlier is the M14 and Dragonuv. The M14 has a TON of Fire rate while having the same damage as a decked out 1911 handgun (Somewhere around 63 damage). And the Dragonuv... Just see sniper argument.

Shotgun revolver... Unlike other shotguns (Besides the DP-12) the firerate is ridiculously high. Now of course I don't object to having it have high damage and firerate... Maybe edit the recoil a bit?

Anyways, that's all I have. See yah later
[DEFN] Sentinel  President 19 Aug 22 at 2:17pm
I think youre blending RU and LVET Commando together. RU has a shotgun and shield, and LVET Commando has a LMG + shield. Otherwise, I see these as valid complaints
Bel1ve.  VIP 19 Aug 22 at 2:21pm Edited
I disagree with mortar, perfect anti mace tool cause mace play cringe.

Sniper is usually fast due to perks not inherently.
Minishogun721  VIP 19 Aug 22 at 2:28pm Edited
I have no idea how to say this as far as autos go but, hit your shots. Headshot hitbox is pretty massive, use it.

Stop balancing things by nerfing. Im taking a shit atm and I have little faith anything else but the mortar will go through, hence why I'm not writing an essay on why balancing by nerfing is bad. Balance by buffing.
Etzil  VIP 19 Aug 22 at 3:16pm
It's almost like every time a division gets active, someone calls for a nerf when it's previously had little to no issues. Huh.

Sniper has a lot of movement speed due to its fragility as a class, and rangers are slower because they have more health. It's extremely common for snipers to get crossmapped by an SMG/AR/LMG while having almost no time to react, and if you're trying to fight snipers at that range, expect them to be extremely mobile and use cover to their advantage to click on your forehead.

Sniper uses speed perks quite a lot, wanna know why? It's very, very effective given they're holding a sniper rifle. It's one of the main reasons a Scout with a sniper rifle in tf2 randomizer is hard to fight: they have the ability to relocate, dodge your bullets, and put a round in your skull across the map. It's not the hardest thing to counter, and I don't feel like lowering sniper speed is an effective way to deal with an increasingly active division.
Yes, snakeshot revolver is ridiculous. I can agree with your stand on it getting a recoil increase or some other method to counter its insane firerate and damage capability.
I also partially agree with your statement on the mortar pad, as I see the update of it potentially dealing friendly fire damage to be a braindead solution. I believe that if it's possible to fix the mortar pad's capability to hit things through walls, it'd be an infinitely better solution to it than removing the ability to hit mace and su with it or letting it deal friendly fire damage.
That's all.
[DEFN] Sentinel  President 19 Aug 22 at 3:20pm
Etzil, what would your thoughts be if it dealt friendly damage but didnt travel through walls?
Shower  VIP 19 Aug 22 at 3:41pm
cvr lifecycle
division dies
buff division
division powerful
division active
division nerf
division die
cycle repeat
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Etzil  VIP 19 Aug 22 at 3:50pm
I like this idea much better.
[DEFN] Sentinel  President 19 Aug 22 at 3:52pm Edited
So you think letting it to team damage would be fine, as long as it doesnt bleed through walls?

Just clarifying*
Etzil  VIP 19 Aug 22 at 4:02pm
If it doesn't go through walls, friendly fire is reasonable, so yes.
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