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yeatlover44  Member 23 May 22 at 11:15am
(23 May 22 at 1:46am)Destitute the :dab: Wrote:
(23 May 22 at 1:25am)yeatlover44 Wrote: paired with their tube fed double action (their shotgun literally fires twice before needing to pump AND has 14 round capacity, unless thats been changed) that has much more capability at range than it should have.
Since it fires twice that would result in it actually being a 7 round capacity, but I'm pretty sure it's actually 8 since it holds 16 rounds. It does fire twice, but that translates to it just having more pellets (I'm not sure on the exact stats) per shot, not necessarily more damage per pellet. It also has a longer reload time (as far as I'm aware) than a normal shotgun due to it being 14-16~ shells

(23 May 22 at 1:25am)yeatlover44 Wrote: Its already aids to deal with shotgun and riot shield in other games, same here really, I mean a DOUBLE BARREL with riot shield that can fire more than two shots? It doesn't even matter if they move slower WITH shield, they're just walking tanks man, completely invulnerable at the front too, can't shoot their feet anymore if you got a good position or skilled enough like with the kinda crappy last gen ones.
Maybe I just have a skill issue, but shields, while providing additional tankiness, have still never guaranteed that I'd win even a 1v1 engagement. ARs in particular do upwards of 60 damage, meaning it can chew through shields quite easily given they actually hit.

(23 May 22 at 1:25am)yeatlover44 Wrote: Really your only options with shield classes in general is that ambush/flank (and pray that the player can't move their mouse fast enough) or long range, though firing directly at long range will definitely result in your whole mag probably being gone if you have normal capacity (25-30 rounds) before their shield pisses off, hell somehow its the same story at close range sometimes
In short, I hate shield classes, but RU is the biggest offender by far, beating LMG and shield cause at least they need to actually deal with recoil and spread to keep a good firing line close-far

What does close-far even mean? If a RU is somehow killing you from long-range with the DP-12 then I'm not sure what it is you're doing.

I do agree that RUs are very oppressive in their preferred engagement range, but frankly what CQC class isn't. The issue seems to mainly come from perks(?), I've seen videos of RUs using Lunge to make some ridiculous ground which would make reaching their preferred engagement range much MUCH easier. 


Yeah perks throw things off balance, but I think some of your claims don't actually hold true
First just because it's longer to reload the insanely highcap tube fed shotgun to FULL capacity, they can just cancel the reload to get to their preferred ammo count, also the barrels don't fire at once, it's two trigger pulls to use both barrels before pumping (still a DB). This means that they fire every shell INDIVIDUALLY, 2 shots that can be fired in quick succession without pumping.
Hell slower fire rate while ADSing probably doesn't do much, as it's a shotgun, it's range problem comes the from volume of fire it can unload in a second, y'know "accuracy in a volley of fire."
Second ARs are literally gonna need perks if they want to surpass 54 dmg, unless there's a hidden gun I haven't unlocked yet or some early gun with a godly setup, or you're talking about class ARs, which I would have very little knowledge about
Also even if ARs were doing about 60 damage to the shield anyways, shotgun still overpowers at CQC (obviously), but mid-long range will probably result in half or more of the mag being gone, accounting for dmg drop from distances, before it starts connecting with the player, possibly not actually killing him due to lack of bullets
Though theoretically if bullet dmg would only drop down to 50 or higher, it would only take 7 bullets, but that is an ideal world which also wouldn't have server jank and super refined mechanics
And lastly "close-far" is meant to describe the LMGs useable ranges, from close range to long range, not meant for RU
(I have nothing better to do with my time)
bee21  Server Administrator VIP 23 May 22 at 12:06pm
This has probably been said, but in its current state RU is not fun to play against. The recent shield update is a large contributer, since it amplifies the benefit of popping out of cover to shoot then going back in cover. +1
TheJC  VIP 23 May 22 at 4:13pm
You have absolutely no idea how the gun even works Yeatlover
Bel1ve.  VIP 23 May 22 at 4:54pm
if RU gets nerfed I demand OTA SHIELD gets nerfed too
Lord Graycat  VIP 23 May 22 at 5:37pm
Every shield class has just been nerfed, the only thing to touch with RU would be the shotgun or movement which for what they are is fine for now
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yeatlover44  Member 23 May 22 at 5:41pm
(23 May 22 at 4:13pm)TheJC Wrote: You have absolutely no idea how the gun even works Yeatlover

Mechanics of the gun I got all from mw2019, I don't expect much change in how it works
Lord Graycat  VIP 23 May 22 at 5:47pm
(23 May 22 at 5:41pm)yeatlover44 Wrote:
(23 May 22 at 4:13pm)TheJC Wrote: You have absolutely no idea how the gun even works Yeatlover

Mechanics of the gun I got all from mw2019, I don't expect much change in how it works

The gun fires two shells at once, so it says 16 shells but in reality it has 8, and it doesn't count as 2 shells it just doubles the pellet count from 8 to 16.
yeatlover44  Member 23 May 22 at 5:56pm
Well I stand corrected, odd choice to make, but maybe it was better it fired both barrels at once rather than one at a time
TheJC  VIP 23 May 22 at 6:29pm
I just couldn't be arsed to make it work as intended
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