New Epic Cool Shop Suggestions!!!!! (plus a whole lot more)

Jimeal  Member 24 Mar 20 at 12:10pm Edited
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A: OTA GAZPACHO 'Gazpacho' 03 5652 , MPF CROSS R-I 09 5652

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A: gazpacho #1508

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A: STEAM_0:1:103561741

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A: no...unless....

What is your suggestion?
A: A way to scrap the thousands or standard, reinforced, junk items that we collect that noone will ever buy because everyone already bought them on day 1.  

Cool Epic Idea Scrapping System that will increase RP  or  whatever i dont know.

When we scrap items we can select what team to send the scrapped resources to.  The faction will get a certain amount of resources depending on how much is scrapped, and the civilian/anarchist will get credits in return.  Therefore alliances can form between civs and factions and interesting rp can happen that isnt just I AM CWU GIVE TAXES NOW OR I SHOOT 

I know what you are thinking (You were definetley thinking this) "Where would these credits come from????" you ask.

New cool epic gazpacho patented TREASURY!!!!

Each faction gets a cool treasury console that EXISTS!!!!.  
System works like this a Civ sells the combine/rebels scrap from the shop system, they get credits in return from the treasury. 
Civs could also maybe scrap stuff and give them stuff they need for grid constructions (so like 5000 resources + a frying pan)
No credits in treasury or not enough to pay for the scrap??? welp it gives you an error saying that you have to buy from the other side.  
Each reset the treasury starts at idk 100000 credits?? (up to change)
The faction gains credits over time like 100/200 per min (up to change)
Mace/SU can sneak in and take money from the console up to like 5000 or something (up to change) 
Theres probably many other applications that can be used for the treasury but i think it would be way cooler than just credits manifesting out of thin air.  


How would this benefit the server?
A: expands roleplay 
           - Civs can have alliances, deals set up with factions in return for stuff.  
           - New economics that arent just stupid taxes (That are banned)

           - capitalism billionaires that spend it all on gambling and 5000 credit armor
     new cool things for mace/su to do.  
     I dont have to run around the map for 2 hours collecting stuff that will only net me like 2000 credits because noone will buy 5 standard helmets
     grid can/engi can drive the funny car more than once a week because now they dont have to scream at scav/cwu to collect scrap piles all the time.
    combine/rebels can laugh at eachother for being poor if they have little money
ok thank you thanks for reading my wordbarf
Shower  Member 24 Mar 20 at 1:12pm
[DEFN] Aithead  Junior Affairs Counselor Certified Gamemaster 24 Mar 20 at 2:06pm
There are a lot of systems circulating around for how to manage the RP aspects of the stores, as well as expand upon the functions of the stores.

I strongly enjoy the concept of the Faction Bank, and it is something that I have already had on a suggestion I am currenting creating.
I strongly enjoy the concept of Civilians being able to do things for Factions and getting paid from the Faction bank.
-- My main issue here is that there needs to be additional ways for "normal" classes to generate income, which is also part of my aforementioned suggestion.

So as an overall statement, I think this is a good suggestion. I do not however, think it will solve the issues plaguing the shop system currently.

Mostly +1, it's a good idea.
The War Machine  VIP 24 Mar 20 at 6:12pm
I would mostly +1 with at least one issue that I have.

Though to go off topic for a second, this suggestion is pretty good. However, I find that it may become an issue where many will obtain 50k+ credits and don't really have anything to spend it on. Sure you have the civi shops, but as the suggester said, those become somewhat irrelevant once you get the armor you want/need. The weapon shop has the same issue as well, I doubt there will be those that decide to buy every single gun from there, because they'll more than likely use only 2 or 3 maybe 4. So there is no mechanic in place to spend those credits that will not become irrelevant in a short span of time.
Juan  Member 24 Mar 20 at 6:16pm
Today I spent over 10k just giving money to people and holding contest and I still have 8k that I'm never gonna use.
We're well past that point War Machine
Butch (Fake Tower)  Member 26 Mar 20 at 12:00am
+1 i really like faction/anarchist relation stuff, its a good idea that work with in the server without being big dumb.
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