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Kyle The Killer  Member 3 Mar 22 at 12:05pm
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A:H.E.C.U. FH Pfc. Kyle/RU Cpl. Kyle/MPF Union 04 0522/MPF MACE SqL Kyle

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A:Kyle The Killer#8555

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What is your suggestion?
A: I suggest that an idea could be implemented, mainly as a gimmick that certain classes could use.
For the name of it I'd like to call it "Spare Casings"
How it works is that whenever you kill an enemy with your melee, your weapons instantly reload. While this works in the same area as Four-Arms does, I believe it adds another element of strategy to the normal mix of gameplay. As a negative side-effect, I believe in a -10% Weapon damage could serve to balance it out a little bit.

How would this benefit the server?
A: I think it'd benefit the server by adding another perk that can spice up gameplay, rather than just go with the Synergy trend that's been popular with the server, ever since it's introduction. With the introduction of this perk, I believe that it could lead to some interesting perk-use that have the possibility of giving people another way of playing the game.
Lord Graycat  VIP 3 Mar 22 at 12:44pm

No, I'm not staff, what are you talking about?

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Magnum  Certified Gamemaster VIP 3 Mar 22 at 1:44pm
(3 Mar 22 at 12:44pm)Lord Graycat Wrote: NO MORE PERKS PLEASE

+1 until graycat meets the community demands of wearing the corn suit.
Sevin  Member 3 Mar 22 at 2:07pm
The perk is too weak to warrant a downside.
yeatlover44  Member 3 Mar 22 at 2:15pm
The only perk I need is the one that gives you a swep to molest people
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[DEFN] Sentinel  President 21 Apr 22 at 3:55pm
Not planning to add more perks currently, however I will keep the concept noted down.

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