New Weapon Shop Additions

Destitute the :dab:  Chief Executive Officer VIP 28 Jun 20 at 8:12am
(28 Jun 20 at 8:07am)Swag Forza Wrote:
(28 Jun 20 at 7:45am)DeToXic Wrote: did i just witness a bunch of people say that they care about the lore and RP and that it doesn't fit for CvR, but when they go to the server never bother to actually do those things and just TDM like there's nothing else to do?
jesus have we achieved a new pinnacle of ignorance?
these guns are fit for CvR standards as far as i'm aware

+1, i want new guns so the server doesn't becoming boring

Ok lets add muskets

yesssssssssssssssss regress more and more until we use nothing but spears and stones
DeToXic  Certified Gamemaster VIP 28 Jun 20 at 8:18am
adding muskets actually would make the gameplay more fun lol i wouldn't mind- you need skill to actually use them correctly
Bel1ve.  VIP 28 Jun 20 at 8:49am
Imma slap a fat -1, I do truly think that new weapons should be introduced to the shop but not the ones you put up.
NoiseStorm  VIP 28 Jun 20 at 8:53am
+1 for new weapons but idk about these.

I don't like how we just use like 1 weapon pack as it gets stale and boring and not much variety, and like classes all having same weapons cause not much choice.
Yes it takes allot of time to balance if you have more weapons but it would be worth it.
Raven.  Head Administrator VIP 28 Jun 20 at 9:05am
me when i use a shotgun from the weapon shop

[Image: 0un2272fytb41.png]
bog bog bog man  VIP 28 Jun 20 at 9:14am Edited
That SAA is shiny as fuck lol
Also the "Outdated" or "Wouldn't fit" argument is kinda stupid, if it works people are going to use it (like we're using the MP40 / StG 44 atm, they're from the 40s bruh)
Not to mention the M1911 which is literally from 1911
Nekso  Developer Senior Infrastructure Moderator 28 Jun 20 at 9:26am
-1, I like new guns and stuff, but they don't fit the era so yeah its a no from me.
Ironic Neutral  VIP 28 Jun 20 at 2:27pm
to the people who say time era bad
that is all
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