Next Game Server Idea: Star Wars

OrangeTango  Certified Gamemaster VIP 5 Jun 21 at 6:32pm
why uwfrgregerthr5ee4h56jrtfdhj6
BOT Pieswick  VIP 5 Jun 21 at 6:47pm
i'll have random wannabe co's demanding i about face and follow them into the LAAT or i get arrested by cg and then vored by some neckbeard rp'ing as a jedi master

[Image: tfYXj5W.jpg]
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Alma Armas  Server Administrator VIP 5 Jun 21 at 7:01pm
I'm surprised Wolffe hasn't replied to this threat.

Also star wars servers poopoo
oogasboogas  Server Administrator Infrastructure Moderator VIP 5 Jun 21 at 7:03pm
i was a commander and a XO for Death troopers and then a Naval Director on a starwars rp server. im never going back
Bore/Sev  Senior Server Administrator VIP 5 Jun 21 at 7:17pm
(5 Jun 21 at 7:03pm)oogasboogas Wrote: i was a commander and a XO for Death troopers and then a Naval Director on a starwars rp server. im never going back
im going to have some PTSD if it happens

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Kiwi  Certified Gamemaster VIP 5 Jun 21 at 8:19pm
well WW1 is boring but WW2 now that's where its at.
Anti yes  Member 6 Jun 21 at 3:56am Edited
alright, in order to complete your cadet training I'm going to need for you to complete this 2 hour long climbsweep course.

congrats! you did it!, now you get to be a CT and wait 4 hours for a mediocre event that has 3000 npc's, all of them have above 1000 hp, and can insta kill you, oh? you're computers lagging from the map and ragdolls? should've borrowed a computer from nasa because the first digit on how much you spent on your PC is the amount of frames you'll be getting!

tired of your boring regular ct job? well stupid go and join a division!, spend a multitude of hours doing useless climbsweep courses, shooting ammo boxes off of peoples heads, trigger discipline, and much more!, whats that? you're father is in the icu because he's been in a car accident? too bad!, we got an activity check in which you will have to have over 48 hours in the server by the end of the week, need to participate in 4 events, maybe suck your commanding officers dick while your at it for extra points!

well you've done it, you've risen through the ranks, made it to warrant officer and are now aiming for co. whoops! looks like someone didn't like you for no apparent reason!, and this someone happens to be your commanding officer, who can kick you out without reason, and you want to know the best part? welcome back to cadet training!, all that effort and time you put in? what time!, the other candidate for co hasn't been on the server for over 6+ months? who cares!, he's managed to quintuple the amount of time he's been sucking his co's dick compared to you

all courtesy of icefuse clone wars rp

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Hong Kong  Senior Infrastructure Moderator VIP 7 Jun 21 at 12:48am

[Image: caption-5-2.gif] 
Blarg  Member 1 Jul 21 at 9:37pm
No. Star wars servers breed the most unfun and serious people.
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