Terry  Member 15 Nov 22 at 6:11pm
Nah I cant be apart of this community if it going to become incel paradise
Destitute the :dab:  Chief Executive Officer VIP 15 Nov 22 at 6:17pm
Not sure what's worse, this being a joke, and thus unfunny, or it being serious.
bed crabs  VIP 15 Nov 22 at 6:25pm
[Image: IMG_3355.png]

We can't dance, we don't talk much, we just ball and play;
But then we move like tigers on Vaseline!
Game Boy  VIP 16 Nov 22 at 1:35am
(15 Nov 22 at 11:15am)cheeto Wrote: how did u manage to find the ugliest model possible

It's from the HL2 beta. A lot of it was kinda ugly
yeatlover44  Member 16 Nov 22 at 5:31pm
this suggestion would be devastating for one person that I know of, +1
Sevin  Member 16 Nov 22 at 8:01pm Edited
Replace the EOWA model with walking QR codes linking to porn videos.
Less polygons, same effect.
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