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Hancock  Member 5 Feb 22 at 3:26pm
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What is your suggestion?

Rework OSE

OSE as it stands is a very C Tier class. Yes it is a VIP so its not suppose to be the best if a player actually wants to have fun on OSE, its difficult to do with how the class functions. 

Carry Weight

Similar to the Vortigaunt, the OSE has no carry weight meaning his 360 Health and 0 armor will not be changed without the addition of perks. This is already a big limitation seeing as almost any new player can join a MPF Squad, or Partisan for the Rebel side, and be even more effective. Vortigaunt doesn't have that problem as it works on such a different way to a normal combat class, it doesn't apply.


The OSE gets a decent rifle and a grenade launcher attachment which isn't bad but can't match up to what Vortigaunt gets. OSE can utilize its grenade launcher, but doesn't effect the enemy enough to be a real threat, only really removing most of armor. The rifle also isn't the best seeing as its damage and recoil isn't really that good when you compare it to other rifles, and even the ones you can craft.

What can be done?

I do believe that OSE can be an interesting class but the thing that's holds it back is the way it works. With the new addition to the Vortigaunt beam, Vort has become even better of a support class (this isn't to say its op). I think that what should be done, is make the OSE similar to how it worked in concept and in lore. A Melee based unit able to tank some damage would be something refreshing to add to CvR. Another idea could be the introduction of the Spear Rifle, able to be used in both melee and long range making it a versatile unit able to adapt. I wouldn't say my ideas are perfect but I DO think that a rework of some sort should come to OSE because of now, its very linear, boring, and doesn't encourage any other play style.

How would this benefit the server?
A: Would introduce players to a new refreshing class. A class someone could have fun on, on CvR, cause in the end. That what we are all here for, to have fun.
Chad The Impaler  Server Moderator VIP 5 Feb 22 at 3:35pm
given the theme of synths being tanky, like oss, hunters, and striders I think giving them raised hp and a melee based playstyle would be fitting.
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doggod  Member 5 Feb 22 at 3:37pm
+1 vort has pretty much everything over it as a vip class
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Kowalski  Senior Server Administrator VIP 5 Feb 22 at 4:17pm
+1 I wondered why OSE was lacking any changes due to the recent vortigaunt changes.

Current HVY 1st. Lt.

[Image: Bv7LVRd.jpg]

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Etzil  VIP 5 Feb 22 at 4:45pm
+1 i wanna see more crabs
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Kyle The Killer  Member 5 Feb 22 at 7:20pm
+1 Makes me Sad to see Yellow Crab be essentially a Rifleman.
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Hancock  Member 6 Feb 22 at 1:41pm
Thanks to everyone who is doing +1's, I really do think this could work. I love OSE and it hurts to see them in such a dogshit postion
bad rats fan 69  Member 6 Feb 22 at 3:00pm Edited
+1 for melee that sounds like fun, combine dont really get good options for melee because the stunstick is outclassed by the crowbar in most situations (in my experience faster swing speed > more damage)
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