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MR.Arrow  Member 23 Mar 20 at 9:34pm
FULL RP Name(s):
A: OSS LEVIATHAN Ketchup,MACE 9864,Colonel Heinz

Discord Username:

Steam ID:

Workshop Link: (If applicable)
A:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=854972559 (same one we use on the server but heavily modified or so i heard) 

What is your suggestion?

1. Allow/Add the use of the Precision bolt  attachment for OSS. 
2. Decrease the 150% extra damage that comes from fully charging up the shot to instead down to 25 or 15  Or outright remove it

How would this benefit the server?
1. Currently OSS is in a predicament they can deal very high damage and receive a beating. But that's if they can land there shots and with 0% stability 75% RPM and having to basically hipfire/depend on your crosshairs you can tend to miss a few shots in combat even at CQC and be whittled down to low enough HP where you are most likely to die in your next engagement. 
2. The OSS cannon currently does good damage and fully charging it up should only increase the damage to 25% more or 15% more.(25%= 312.2 Damage total 15%= 287.5 total) This comes at a cost though. With the attachment  on the cannon would lose the ability to deal splash damage according to the dev i asked (Squanchy). This would in return allow OSS to have a more consistent ability to aim and fight opponents who would normall be impossible to hit if regularly hip firing while under fire. 
[Image: FF1888B75C5654A4C49D2BD057D621489FBF6981][Image: 3A8EAA202E787A79886AA631A956DFB359F7A8C8]
Soviet  Member 23 Mar 20 at 9:40pm
+1 our cannon needs some love as of now hitreg is fucking us over.
Juan  Member 23 Mar 20 at 9:41pm
+1 if you show me how bad the recoil is
Poison  Certified Gamemaster VIP 23 Mar 20 at 10:26pm
+1 yes yes yes
Game Boy  VIP 24 Mar 20 at 4:09am
+1 please for the love of God.

(Also no Steam ID smh)
Monolith  Server Administrator VIP 24 Mar 20 at 4:11am
yes variation please +1
also OSS fists fucking when???
that thread got so much support
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Bel1ve.  Member 24 Mar 20 at 7:16am Edited
-1 650 damage and you want to increase THAT? + it literally out snipes snipers cause it deals that high amount of damage.
MR.Arrow  Member 24 Mar 20 at 7:35am
(24 Mar 20 at 7:16am)Bel1ve. Wrote: -1 650 damage and you want to increase THAT? + it literally out snipes snipers cause it deals that high amount of damage.

I should have clarified when i said the one we use on the server is heavily modified. Along with not having the sound effects/projectile trail the damage it deals is 250 in CVR. This was the default damage it did when the addon was released. To putt this into perspective OSS does 250 damage a shot in CVR RU have 450 HP shield i believe and EOD has a 1000 hp Shield
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