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Bel1ve.  Member 24 Mar 20 at 8:03am Edited
(24 Mar 20 at 7:35am)MR.Arrow Wrote:
(24 Mar 20 at 7:16am)Bel1ve. Wrote: -1 650 damage and you want to increase THAT? + it literally out snipes snipers cause it deals that high amount of damage.

I should have clarified when i said the one we use on the server is heavily modified. Along with not having the sound effects/projectile trail the damage it deals is 250 in CVR. This was the default damage it did when the addon was released. To putt this into perspective OSS does 250 damage a shot in CVR RU have 450 HP shield i believe and EOD has a 1000 hp Shield
AH okay fair point then, but lets keep in mind that you can snipe the RU with the OSS cannon which deals 250 damage.

If the max damage becomes 10% increased when charged to add that ''magnum'' damage everyone also has access to.
Raven.  VIP 24 Mar 20 at 8:55am
EOD has a 850 HP Shield.
I support the zoom of the OSS Cannon, however.
Atlas  Director of Infrastructure VIP 24 Mar 20 at 12:19pm
just gonna point out if a thread gets a ton of support it doesn't mean it'll be implemented
GravyBoat  VIP 24 Mar 20 at 1:49pm
uhh sure +1 for a zoom but not dmg buff
Monolith  Server Administrator VIP 26 Mar 20 at 5:28pm
uhhh b u m p?
Raven.  VIP 26 Mar 20 at 5:40pm
It's been 2 days whatchu bumping for?
[DEFN] Aithead  Junior Affairs Counselor Certified Gamemaster 26 Mar 20 at 7:25pm
So I think OSS is ok as it is.

I haven't played it, but from an external perspective, OSS does enough damage and the server has enough First-Shot-Accuracy that the OSS cannon can be used as a Sniper even if it isn't effective in close quarters due to the slower fire rate.

So far as I can tell, OSS simply tanks enough bullets and does enough damage per shot to not warrant a buff. Especially if they are playing with their team -which they should be anyways- in order to prevent getting ganged up on while they are alone. Even then, sometimes an OSS can simply outdamage the people attacking it.

Again, this is from my Non-OSS perspective, and thus I may be incorrect. I also have not seem many interactions between multiple EODs and an OSS, so I cannot vouch for how OSS plays up against the two.

I can estimate that the OSS will lose purely to the fact that it is two EODs and both have their tanky FBI Shield + M60 combo.

Anyways, yeah. I don't know if OSS needs that much of a buff. If OSS were to be changed to better deal with EODs, i'd say increase its damage falloff, reduce its splash damage, and increase its damage.( +Damage falloff, -Splash Damage, +Damage) with perhaps a spread decrease.

Just personal thoughts.
Shower  Member 28 Mar 20 at 9:19pm
eod vest makes you take 70% LESS EXPLOSIVE DAMAGE, this was how it worked pre update but now it's post armor update and rfs can survive 2 or 3 direct oss cannon hits
Radioactive.sw  Certified Gamemaster 31 Mar 20 at 5:16pm
Honesly OSS's loadout just needs a makeover. i want melee for the meme/duels but also our gun is good, sure, but we basically have the old vort beam from outlands but it does more damage and a lil bit of splash damage. slow firing, high damage, no zoom. i really want a MG or something similar to be able to dish out consistent damage, because if you miss one or two shots in CQC, your gonna take like 300-500 damage as a punish.
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