Permaban Appeal 2

TTV.CamCaliber  Member 18 Nov 23 at 4:33pm
FULL RP Name(s): Unknown

Discord Username: KPTKUNA

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:180041654

Who warned/banned you? ADU Sev

Date of Warn/Ban: Unknown

Ban Length: Permaban

Warn/Ban Reason: Hack

Why should we remove warn/ban? This was when I cheated on Landis, which I didn't respect as a community. This was months ago and I have never cheated on CvR. This community isn't even around anymore. I would like to play CvR again as I have never cheated in this community, and only Landis. This was also all the way back in April. Thank you.

Katakuri  Head Administrator Certified Gamemaster VIP 19 Nov 23 at 10:07am

Your previous appeal has already been denied. Once a ban appeal has been denied, you may not make another one.

Locked + Moved

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Leader of the Resistance

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