privat first clas pyle ban appeal

ploppydroppy  Member 21 Mar 20 at 11:46pm Edited
FULL RP Name(s): pyle (privat first clas pyle/private pyle)

Discord Username: ploppydroppy#1420

Steam ID: 76561198068877734

Who banned you? nobody, no statement, no interaction, nothing. just tried to hop on to play with my friend one day and i'm banned out of the blue

Date of Ban: unstated, can't check now because the server is hidden from my IP out of nowhere

Ban Length: permanent(?) doesn't really state

Ban Reason: "Ban Evasion," yet I was never banned from the server, ever, in the first place? wtf

Why should you be unbanned? i've literally done nothing wrong, just tried to join one day and i'm perma'd for "ban evasion." I had no interactions with the admins at all and haven't done anything at all, so i'd believe for this to be a mistake(?)

PUNCAKE  VIP 22 Mar 20 at 12:33am
I believe you got banned for hacking
ploppydroppy  Member 22 Mar 20 at 12:36am Edited
I've never hacked? If I got banned for hacking it would've said so anyways- no idea what'd lead you to believe so.

Anyways thats why i'm here I just wanna play again and clear this up
Combean0007  Director of Personnel VIP 23 Mar 20 at 5:39am
Appeal is reviewed.
You were caught tracking invisible MACE, possibly tracking your own teammate through wall.

[Image: 764B7B9B55CB16EEE1C01D86FEE06F9B3FCFA2F2]
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