"Push back" Classes and Factories

grapecoldfire  Server Operator VIP 22 Jun 22 at 10:26pm
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What is your suggestion?
A: Factories, as they stand, can be very unbalanced and one sided for the team that make them. Recently I have experienced multiple factories that have been severely unbalanced in favor of the defenders. I suggest new rules be added so it can keep the game balanced during factories. If a factory is made close to spawn borders the attacking side will almost always have map control. Thus "Push back" classes are able to deploy and almost always enter the factory. The map control is then unchanged and these classes can stay deployed in the factory for practically unlimited time This, not only is not the purpose of these classes but also completely throws the balance off of factories.

How would this benefit the server?
A: Resources are very crucial now more than ever. Factories are a very good way in earning them, however as it stands OSS, EOD, LA, or EOWA can ruin the balance of factories and make the gameplay unfair for the attackers. If any regulation is put into place for these classes during factories it can fix the unbalance.

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Sigma  Senior Server Administrator VIP 22 Jun 22 at 10:47pm
+1, I can pretty confidently say that I caused this forum post and looking back on today's factory I realize deploying on jugg was unfair, I personally won't be doing it again, however, until the rules are updated don't expect any punishment to be handed down in the rebel faction for "abuse" which really boils down to a lack of clarification.
I'd like to also briefly mention that the deployment rules in general remain without essential elaboration beyond "don't deploy if it's unneeded"
[DEFN] Aithead  Head Gamemaster VIP 22 Jun 22 at 10:50pm Edited
Hello, I have read this and as the person responsible for GRID/ENG Crafting, I am considering what I will do with it.

For future reference, if you have a problem or question about something relevant to GM, talk to Me. It's faster and a more direct way to approach the problem. There's also the community meeting coming up, which if it's brought up there I will hear about it.

(Pulse I know you know how to DM someone, why NOT just DM me. My discord description literally says "unless i'm on Do Not Disturb feel free to talk to me")
Big Iron  Certified Gamemaster Infrastructure Moderator 22 Jun 22 at 11:22pm
This could be handled 1 of 2 ways. Etiher have The Beef Bois™ (The Classes) not be able to deploy to defend the factory or allow attacker deployments to kill and only kill the factory. Either way something needs to change fo sho
[DEFN] Aithead  Head Gamemaster VIP 23 Jun 22 at 12:18am

A rule disallowing Pushback Classes will be added to the GRID/ENG Crafting document, and the relevant COs will be pinged to further disseminate the message.

If -after further review- additional action is needed, bring it to me directly.

Locked + Moved.

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