Pyro's Gamemaster Application

PyroShark  Certified Gamemaster VIP 16 Jul 20 at 5:27pm
Full In game Name(s)
C4 Head Engineer Pyro

SteamID & Discord Name/Tag
STEAM_0:0:126262800 || Posisdiscorder#1443

What Region are you located in? What's your timezone?

Previous Punishments? 
I have one warning for RDM on April 18th, 2019.

What's your reason for becoming Gamemaster?
I've always loved the idea of being able to host my own Event's and to be able to be in charge of creating certain situations which give people more things to do, so they have a chance to stretch away from the sometimes tiring TDM play-style, I personally find every event a chance to try something new and fun and hope to make that the case for other people too.

I've also become more interested through my time in the Anarchist Project, before I started becoming higher ranks in Engineer, I spent my time in CVR playing as an Anarchist and waiting for event's to be held by Game Masters, these events were usually organised and had used entities and tools which I didn't even know they had access to, these event's revealed to me that an GM can entertain a very large group of people through simply organizing the event and by fully understanding the limitations a GM has when creating the event, allowing them to use tools which wouldn't usually seem ordinary to be used, an example of this would be NPCs.

In conclusion, I want to become a Game master because I find it fun to successfully run an event and to keep people entertained when the server's TDM mechanics sometimes fail to do that.

Have you ever been Event Staff or anything similar on other servers? If so please list below.
I have not.

Explain how you take criticism from other people, from constructive to border-line harassment.

Constructive Criticism:
I make a Mental Note of any Constructive Criticism and if necessary would note it down encase the event is repeatable later on.

Border-line Harassment:
I would usually ignore it unless actual point's are made about my event, if the harassment starts to expand outside of in game chat and start to affect me long term, I would probably call affairs.

A Combine CmD has openly expressed their distaste for an event you're doing at that moment. It has gotten to the point where he is actively disrupting your event. What is your course of action?

Firstly i'd try to calm him down by trying to explain what the purpose of the event was and would explain why any mistakes were made that caused this distaste, if that doesn't work I would tell him to make a forum post on the 'Event Feedback' section, if he ignores this I would warn him a minimum of two times, if he carries on after these two warns I would call server staff to sort it out and if necessary would report the behavior of the CmD to the DVL. While it's understandable to have a distaste, disturbing an event and blatantly ignoring a very clear solution to the problem shows unnecessary toxicity which would inevitably spiral down into harassment if not stopped early on, thus leading onto my decision to report the behavior to staff and possibly the DvL.

A Resistance Fighter starts PMing you with some questions about a recent event you've done. However, because you were AFK, he has started harassing you. What is your course of action?

I would explain to him the reason for me being AFK and would apologize and answer any further questions he may ask as long as he Co-operates and stops the harassment. If he instead chooses to carry on the harassment I would attempt to calm him down, if that doesn't work I would either direct him to another GM affiliated with the event that wasn't afk and thus was able to answer questions, or would start giving him warnings to stop. If he doesn't I would call in Staff and report the behavior to a RF CO depending on if he's in a squad and if he has a high rank.

What are GM's permissions both inside and outside of events?

Outside Events:
A GM's permission's outside of an event are limited to only using the teleport command to get people unstuck and possibly using their phys gun to get Vehicles unstuck. In cases such as Anarchist U-lifts, it is authorized to spawn any Vehicle that is unarmed and is smaller then the size of an Avia Truck.

Inside Events:
A GM's permission's inside of an event range from completely modifying practically all properties of a player (Health,armor, etc), within reasonable levels of course, to being able to spawn any vehicles, props, NPC's, entities, weapons and pills that are necessary for the event, it is also authorized under special circumstances to be able to call a post-event debrief.

You are hosting an important Post-Event DB and all of a sudden, the CO's ask you to leave so they can do their DB and exclude yours. What is your course of action?

Unannounced Event:
In a Unannounced Event, the Officer's Debrief would take priority in my opinion as since the Event was unannounced, an estimated time for the event starting wouldn't set up, allowing the event to be postponed for later, letting the Officer host his debrief would lead to less trouble in general and would allow the event to have a more of a clean slate feeling as there wouldn't be a GM reinforced debrief called, allowing the Officer to host the debrief takes out two birds with one stone as it allows people to be promoted like a normal debrief and allows for the information to still be transmitted.

Announced Event:
In an announced Event, the GM's debrief would take Priority in my opinion as the event has an estimated date that CAN NOT be delayed without causing problems, a Officer Debrief in comparative can be delayed as an estimated time was most likely never announced. If the CO denies the GM's debrief coming first, the same measures for the 'A combine CmD has openly displayed there distaste' question will take place, first i'd attempt to calm the CO down, then i'd send him to the Event Feedback section, if he denies that i'd begin warning him, where then i'd call Staff and report it to a Higher Ranking CO.

A Gamemaster who said he would be assisting you in an event later on today hasn't shown up and now the event is running behind schedule. What should you do?

I would ask him if he can make it, if he can't I would attempt to host the event myself if the event can be sustained by a single person, if it can't be sustained by a single person I would cancel the Event and wait until the next possible time the event can be hosted.

After getting a green light on an event, you notice there are 3 vehicles deployed at once. It is causing a little lag, what is your course of action?

High Potential Lag Events (NPC Events, Vehicle Events, etc)

I would order the side with the two vehicles to undeploy one of them, if they are losing I would wait roughly 5 minutes before giving this order to keep game balance in check. If the order is denied I would postpone the event if possible, if not possible I would be forced to give warnings for them to undeploy, if they keep denying this they would be reported to their CO's.

Low Potential Lag Events (Props Placed, Weapons Given, Player Properties changed, etc)

I would attempt to host the event anyway, if the event becomes too laggy, I would suggest an undeployment in the chat, punishment's would rarely be given in these circumstances and the only way for that to happen would be if harassment started.

What's the process GM's take before making events, from start to finish. (This is what YOU think)

Small Scale Events (Option A)
1: A Small Document is created describing the limits of the event and the topic of the event, this would usually need only one GM creating the document.
2: The Document is accepted for usage by a SGM.
3: The Event is accepted to be done at any time.

Small Scale Events (Option B) (GM+)
1: The Idea is created.
2: The Event is done with no prior preparations.
3: Any Important info is noted down for later usage.

Medium Scale Events:
1: A document is created describing the Limits, Topic and requirements before the event is allowed to start.
2: The Document is checked by a SGM+
3: A certain time is set up for the Event.
4: The Event's usage at that time is accepted by a SGM+
5: The Required amount of GM's enter the server and start preparing the Event, this should be roughly 30 minutes before the event.
6: The Event is done.
7: Any important Criticisms are noted down and edited into the document.

Large Scale Events:
1: A Document is created describing every single step of the event in immense detail, all potential problems with the event must be identified and prevented by changing the Event’s Instructions.
2: The Document must be inspected by the HGM.
3: A time must be set up and accepted by the HGM.
4: The Time must be Announced in the Rebel and Combine Discord.
5: GM’s enter the server around 1-2 hours before the Announced Time and start setting things up.
6: A debrief is announced if necessary.
7: The Event is done.
8: Any criticisms are noted down.

A Resistance Captain is openly criticizing your event when he isn't in the event itself. It has gotten to the point where he is interrupting your important adverts relating to the event. What should you do?

I would first attempt to get him to stop interrupting the event by asking him to either PM me ingame instead or through discord DM’s. I would keep a note of his criticisms and would write them down either on a notepad or in a document corresponding to the event being hosted. If he would carry on disrupting I would begin warning him before calling staff and contacting his CO, his criticisms would however still be considered.

How often do you think GM's should host events?

Small Scale Events:

I believe Small Scale event’s should be able to be held whenever, however there should be a minimum time difference between them if they are being hosted by the same GM. I’d say a good amount of time would be two hours per event at the very minimum.

Medium Scale Events:

These events in my opinion should be able to be hosted only once per day, however I believe this number should be able to be increased if granted by a higher ranking GM.

Large Scale Events:

Large Scale Events should have a limit of only being able to be hosted once per 2 weeks, or once per 1 week if the events are used to progress the ‘plot’ of the server.

List three events that you might do if you get accepted (DETAILED AND BE ORIGINAL) [Campaigns and RP Situations are EXCLUDED]

Xenian Sabotage

Combine Smart Barriers have been spotted East of the Rebel base, Reconnaissance shows that the Combine Smart Barriers are protecting what appears to be a Laser Projector of some sorts, from the outside it appears like the Laser is pointing directly at the ground, near the left of the base of the machine a large hole is found going directly through the base of the Projector, the sides of the hole made of molten metal and electronics, the lights around the hole, instead of being the usual deep blue, are instead replaced with a bright, alarming red. Multiple destroyed turrets have been found scattered around the outside of the walls, it appears as if something had attacked the base from inside.

This event revolves around the idea of a high priority point on the map being targeted by both sides, the Combine’s goal in this event is to protect the two Generators found outside of the Combine Walls and the Rebels objective is to attack the Two Generators. If the Rebels succeed in taking a generator in under five minutes, they then move on to the next Generator, if they do the same to the second Generator they can then attack the machine itself.

To ‘attack’ a generator a Rebel must stand near the Generator for 30 seconds, after 30 seconds have passed the Generator is considered disabled and the next Generator is authorised to be attacked. To disable the Laser Projector itself a Rebel must do the same thing but for 60 seconds instead.

Heavies are NOT allowed to use their RPG’s to attempt to destroy the Generators. If this rule is broken the Combine would instantly win.

The Entire Event is timed, the Rebels first have 5 minutes to find and pick a Generator, then they have 5 minutes to capture it, then another 5 minutes to find the next generator, and then 5 minutes to capture it. Once all Generators are captured the Rebels have 5 minutes to capture the Machine.

Another concept of this event is the spawning of Antlions around the Generator and the Machine, Antlions in groups of three would spawn every 40 seconds near the Generators, if there are already three antlions there then the antlions wouldn’t be spawned. The Machine will have a single Antlion Guard spawned per minute instead of three antlions. These antlions are spawned to act as a defense for the Generators, while they can’t do much by themselves, they serve as a good distraction until the Combine arrive.

The Rebels win by capturing the Generators and the Machine, if the Rebels fail at any moment to capture a Generator/Machine in the five minutes given, the event is lost and the Combine wins.


The side that wins gets to spawn any Craftable Project as a reward or 2x of any normal craftable (2 shields turns into 4 shields for example). They would also be granted 10000 resources.

Screenshots of Event setup:

[Image: JCZYfcA2-H6ZhlCYwFgxGJAQhCtp573K_-yhp0SU...qVolzDVK0Z]
An Image of the Laser Projector
(Lights are Optional)

[Image: Tzapf0iTPoLf8NMYC-9EapfXxLpHohLmhLwaqMGB...u76JYrk0-T]
An Image of Generator 1

[Image: AGz_TzF4BIMEVdoF0dc_IERztEOZYZcG0cdlZA10...YPSuSic1Kg]
An Image of Generator 2

Camo Wars:

This Event revolves around the CSS Light material, this material creates a Neon effect and completely removes any bumps or edges from the prop, creating an almost 2D look. As this Material Removes Bumps and Edges it allows for people to be completely invisible when standing behind the wall if painted with the same material and color. Here’s an example of how the material looks like.

[Image: xkLO5ug0nQ_zZw7ocXhC576o6Dz4Bty1zjPG88Wp...a4XHSxdUU6]

( The Material shown is named ‘models/cs_italy/light_orange’ )

The Event Attendees are separated into different teams and would have the goal to kill each other. The team that is left standing wins the round. This Event will have three rounds, using different weapons for each round, if possible the layout of each round would be changed as well however this is highly unlikely. The Event Attendees would be separated into different teams and would have the goal to kill each other. The team that is left standing wins the round.

The Event Attendees are given options for different types of guns, the GM chooses what gun they get from that type. (The GM however can not differentiate what gun each person gets from the type, it must be the same for every person picking that type.)

Round One:
Participants can choose one of the following gun types:

A High Level Pistol
A Low Level SMG

Round Two:
Participants can choose one of the following gun types:

Any Rifle
Any Pistol with shield (400 hp, can’t dual wield)

Round Three:

Any LMG (Apart from M60/AR4)
Any Sniper Rifle (Apart From Barrett M82A1)
Any Shotgun via 400 hp Shield (Apart from Saiga)


Any Vehicle that isn't armed, this vehicle will be painted with the Camo Material in Either Red Or Black along with a Repair Tool. (If this isn’t allowed the Winners still get the vehicle but without the Camouflage.) Only the Winners and Technicians can drive this Vehicle.

Screenshots of Event setup:

[Image: LG7vhKj911WDZqjW7-yHHKcQTuBhjTw1tmHzK6-1...nO2bu08_NP]
An Image of the Event with materials

[Image: fRmOOTAcewlsqkg1-jDXEZ84f1YS_4aZUYw_GaZR...eztshFQgsf]
An Image of the Event without materials

Sector Sweep

In this event there is one ‘Killer’ and there are 5-6 ‘survivors’, the Killers goal is to kill all of the survivors before they get enough equipment to kill him. The area which the Survivors and Killer must navigate is in the underground part of the Rebel Base, the reason this spot is chosen is because it’s the only large CQC area that isn’t actively used and is large enough for the event. Because of this location, for the event to be started, an Event or Tryout must be confirmed to not take place within the same time. A survivor must find equipment and use that equipment to either attack the Killer or to open and close Doors.

A Survivor Spawns with the following:

350 HP
A 250 HP Shield

A Killer Spawns with the following equipment

700 HP
Luger P08 Pistol
A 400 HP Shield

A survivor can find the following Equipment:

Gravity Gun
Beretta 92SB Pistol
IMI Desert Eagle

If The survivors manage to find a Gravity gun they can open the Armory, this room contains much more powerful weapons for the survivors. The Armory gives SMG’s and Rifle’s to the Survivors, the GM chooses which weapon they get. The Armory is accessed by a Door that requires a Gravity gun to open, while the door can be forced open with only one Gravity gun this is usually very difficult and can only get the Gravity Gun user past the door so its heavily recommended to use two. The Survivors have One minute inside of the Armory to choose their weapons before they have to leave, if they don’t leave before the timer the door is destroyed and the Killer can freely enter. This timer stops as soon as someone leaves the room, the same person can’t enter the Armory again, if another person tries to enter the armory the timer resets to one minute again.

There are three types of doors in this event which all have their own unique functions. The three types of doors will be shown below along with screenshots of how they look like.

[Image: qsRHrCGuVrNw4I1wvhlBBCf8aBY3nfKt55BXgYcg...cIY5owrXI-]
Wooden Doors
These doors can be broken by bullets
Can be closed manually by using the hands tool and pressing the ‘use’ button

[Image: pyoMHLMqsSNhxYam3tpNdTBMxQ6_sfNqtqDjMVX5...ONq1Yd1-nI]
Steel Doors
These Doors can’t be broken by bullets
Have to be opened via a Gravity Gun
These doors always have an alternative entrance to the room they are blocking.

[Image: 688Rp-0F3rfAtj6ify5P6xJMKlH9Pfs9SoYlSC2X...-tmDxWhmaz]
These Doors open after One Minute of someone being inside
Have to be opened by a Gravity Gun
Can’t be effectively held open
Are used to block off Armory Doors

Do you understand and accept the following clause: I will not leak staff information in gamemaster channels or otherwise. I will not abuse my powers in-game or otherwise. I must add [DEFN] to my steam username as soon as I get accepted.
I understand and accept.

Do you understand the basics of ULX? (If so, list basic commands below)

I know a few.

!hp (Value) (Player Name) (Sets the Health value for the target.)
!armor (Value) (Player Name) (Sets the Armor value for the target.)
!bring (Player Name) (Teleports the Target in front of the user.)
!goto (Player Name) (Teleports the User in front of the Target.)
!tp (Player Name) (Teleports a Target in front of another Target.)
!god (Player Name) (Makes the Target Invincibile)
!cloak (Player Name) (Makes the Target Invisible)
!uncloak (Player Name) (Makes the Target Visible)
!jail (Player Name) (Traps the Target inside of an impossible to leave Cage.)
!noclip (Player Name) (Gives the Target Noclip, allowing them to phase through walls and fly.)


E6 Associate Engineer Pyro

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Poison  VIP 16 Jul 20 at 5:33pm
+1 i dont think ive seen a better application in my entire life

"You can't change whats done, you can only move on."
~Arthur Morgan, The Legend of the East.

PyroShark  Certified Gamemaster VIP 16 Jul 20 at 5:38pm
I forgot to add the last Event reward section, I would’ve edited the post but when I try to it shows a bunch of code I physically can’t decipher. 


If the Killer Wins:

A 1200 HP Shield and a Ranger Shotgun, this is for one life only.

If the Survivors Win: 

+100 HP to usual HP count for any class of their choosing and a Benelli M4 Super Shotgun. This is for one life only.


E6 Associate Engineer Pyro

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Echos  Server Administrator Trial Gamemaster VIP 16 Jul 20 at 5:39pm
+1, ill agree with Poison, Pyro also has a good reputation and I don’t know how to word how good this app is.

Former Technician CO
RF Squad CO
Dopplah  VIP 16 Jul 20 at 5:44pm
+1, this event made me remember of Dead by daylight + Well and constructed idea.
Kenny McCormick  Head Gamemaster VIP 16 Jul 20 at 5:59pm
whadda you think, pal!?

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AlexMagus  Affairs Counselor VIP 16 Jul 20 at 11:07pm

Yes please
Clash  VIP 17 Jul 20 at 12:38am Edited

Normally I wouldn't accept an application within 7 hours of it being posted, but this is by far one of the best applications I've ever seen. Not only do you have detailed answers for every single question but you even put in pictures with descriptions to help visualize the event. 

Plus I know you from the funny commie retard kgb faction, and you've been a blast to work with inside that project and I think that would equate very well to being GM.

Contact an SGM for training!

- slouchmeister guy 
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