Redhart's Ban Appeal

Woorj07  Server Administrator Member 29 Dec 21 at 6:39pm
From the response, I would understand where you're coming from. Most HL2 RPs servers would have done the same thing, however, they would've given out a warning first.
For example, you're a citizen in a random HL2 RP server, in City 17's Plaza, normally you would see the Nexus checkpoint in front of you which is where OTAs are stationed at and the entrance to Combine base. Like the curious citizen that you are, you decide to go a little bit closer to the checkpoint but as soon as you move towards it you hear "First Warning, Move Back Right Now!". You can choose to abide by that warning to stay safe or ignore it and face death.

When I asked you if you had given out a warning prior to the killing you said that it wasn't given out. The civilians were in a CL0 area which is where they were allowed unless they were told off the Combine to move into a different area which you had the option to do so. If you would've given a warning to the civilians and they ignored it then you would have reason for killing them.
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[DEFN] Strelitzia  Personnel Supervisor VIP 3 Jan 22 at 7:38pm

MRDM is MRDM, regardless of the situation.

"uhh but in lore-"

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