Removal of cloak sounds on staff

Reeper  Member 24 Nov 21 at 1:18am
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A: No link as I believe it could be changed without one.

What is your suggestion?
A: While playing I would sometimes hear the cloaking sound of someone going invis, rather its was staff or other players.
What I am asking is if it's possible to either change the sound or remove it entirely so the people playing don't get confused and end up "god checking" staff members.

How would this benefit the server?
A: As stated above, would prevent the accidental incident of firing onto staff, it may not be a huge deal but can remove the stress of thinking a combine is uncloaking and is going to bonk you in the head with their baton.

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Magnum  VIP 24 Nov 21 at 11:32am
God checking is ALWAYS acceptable and should be done. I don't think it's possible with how the server works though.

+1 if it can be done
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Corphoenix  Member 24 Nov 21 at 2:30pm
Im not sure it if CAN be done, because the cloak they use is literally the same coding as the cloak mace have so its a iffy thing to suggest and i doubt it will happen, but

+1 is possible.
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[DEFN] Aithead  Head Gamemaster VIP 24 Nov 21 at 5:44pm
The difference thing is because MACE's cloak uses ULX's cloak, and MACE's cloak previously worked differently to where switching weapons while cloaked would decloak them.

I suggested either;
-Having a check to see if the cloaked person is on the Staff On Duty whitelist before playing the sound
-Removing the sound playing on weapon swap, as it no longer applies to MACE.

I can say as somebody who frequently uses Cloak for various reasons (hey look that's me in the video), that having the sound play whenever i'm trying to do pretty much anything as a GM (Ex. doing literally anything with the toolgun) is a really easy attention-grabber, to where it can bring people towards GM things when they're unfinished, or distract them from gameplay when there's nothing happening.
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Zio  VIP 24 Nov 21 at 5:46pm
+1 Finally a cure for my paranoia as mp, no longer will i end up god checking staff thinking they are mace
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Reeper  Member 24 Nov 21 at 5:56pm
(24 Nov 21 at 5:44pm)[DEFN] Aithead Wrote: -Removing the sound playing on weapon swap, as it no longer applies to MACE.
I was just thinking they could remove the sound/addon from the staff/GM job altogether and replace it with a silent version or a whole other addon. Could be too much work for an insignificant problem.
Triple  VIP 25 Nov 21 at 12:56am
+1 too many times have i flicked towards an uncloak sound and shot a staff member accidentally, or not shot at an invis sound thinking it was staff and oh no, it was a mace and i'm dead now.
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