Removal of day/night cycle (again) + some weather ideas

TheRedSky  Member 31 Jul 22 at 3:10pm Edited
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What is your suggestion?
Tldr: Removal of day/night cycle, and expanding on the current weather system.

After experiencing it on the server for the past few weeks, I just don't think it works well with the colours/contrast on maps that we have in the current cycle. There is one exception to this, being c13 but that map originally had moody lighting. 

Weather effects

Current effects
Rain: One of the better effects but not exactly noticeable. if you've been on the server you may have noticed that rain is directional, and the effect itself is "light" on the screen. Maybe if it was "light" regardless of direction and "heavy" when facing the direction the wind is blowing, people would notice it more. 

Fog: Personally love the silent hill effect but find that there could be more variation between the different levels of fog. Its either nothing or heavy fog at the moment (and a rare, night-time fog).

Thunder Storms: Interesting, but can occur on clear skies, additionally there aren't changes in lighting and has no real effect attached. I've heard some suggestion from few staff members asking to lighting strike people which seems interesting, but to take it a step further it could be a higher % chance to get hit depend on elevation. 

Radiation: Radiation is cool, but its often confused with acid rain (which will be covered later). I think if the screen effect has smaller "grains" to make it more distinct from rain, and came with different weather effect (ash? like gray snow) it would be much more interesting. (EDITED)

Suggested effects
Acid Rain: So same weather as rain (tinted again, green?), but deals damage to armor/vehicles instead of health at an increased rate (10 per tick). 

Snow/cold front: Simply, less damage than radiation (1 per tick) & people move slower when outdoors. 

Wind: In concept its simple, Apply a force a certain direction against ground units. For effects, I was thinking streamlines Appearing in the air showing which direction the wind is moving.
[DEFN] Sentinel  President 31 Jul 22 at 3:12pm
There is coded lightning strikes, they are just rare
bee21  Server Administrator VIP 31 Jul 22 at 3:14pm
idk man the day night and weather have made the maps feel a bit more alive with the changing colors
[DEFN] Sentinel  President 31 Jul 22 at 3:18pm
Also, thunder happening on clear (or nearly clear) skies is intentional. I don't know about where you live in real life; but for me that's a fairly common occurrence, to hear thunder nearby and there never be any rain. Also, there is no chance of an actual *strike* during the thunder that isn't accompanied by rain.
Sevin  Member 31 Jul 22 at 3:22pm
+1 to the Removal of day/night cycle.
-1 for wind effecting ground units. (Maybe it could affect air units)
-1 for being slowed by snow.
Butch (Fake Tower)  Member 31 Jul 22 at 3:51pm
Changing night and day is cool, more weather effects would also be cool. So uh yeah -1 to that and +1 to the other
Bel1ve.  VIP 31 Jul 22 at 4:01pm
-1 (to removing it) I love me weather system, it is cool and adds ambiance.

as for suggested effects.

Acid rain sounds cool (not that vehicle classes will enjoy this)
Snow having a slow effect is a great suggestion
Wind sounds great but might be FPS intensive idk? (good idea)
gammaghostneo  Member 31 Jul 22 at 4:04pm
Honestly I think certain weather effects should be more common on certain maps then others. In the hypothetical future, do you really see snow falling in a desert map? (I know this isn't necessarily connected to the actual suggestion)

As for the day/night cycle, I think it's pretty cool. Maybe it could be barred on certain maps but in general I think it's a very neat feature.
Santa  Server Moderator VIP 31 Jul 22 at 4:44pm
sorry Redsky big fan long time but I like the current day/night thing i don't really notice it that much tbh....

the added weather stuff is COOL but I honestly dont like the thing where weather effects gameplay (other than vision) should really just be a rare cosmetic thing that happens semifrequently

also i kinda feel the weather stuff is kinda a radstorm happened today and it was REALLY COOL but before i really had time to appreciate it it was already gone...idk if other people feel the same

my real username is santa i cannot change it!!!! -santa
Your Berdest Fren  VIP 31 Jul 22 at 4:48pm
-1 to removing day/night cycle, makes maps feel like they have much more flavor and variant to them
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