Remove player collision when in cuffs

Sevin  Member 24 Nov 21 at 5:41pm
FULL RP Name(s):
1: Mpf Ballista B4 Sql Sevin
2: Npu Jurry 04 0007
3: Snp SSgt John F. Kennedy

Discord Username:
1: SEVIN #3641

Steam ID:
1: STEAM_0:0:207655216

What is your suggestion?
1: Temporarily remove player collision for people who are in cuffs.

How would this benefit the server?
1: It would make dragging people through tight areas less unnecessarily janky and awkward. 
Zio  VIP 24 Nov 21 at 5:44pm
+1 Yeh would be pretty nice to not get stuck in places while dragging people anymore, tho idk if people wouldn't end up going into you effectively blocking shots
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