remove the glass from the windows in new c13

bad rats fan 69  Member 29 Mar 22 at 11:26am
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What is your suggestion?
remove the glass from the windows in new c13

How would this benefit the server?
as it is right now the glass just gets in the way more than anything. you cant break it, you cant shoot through it, and you cant walk through it. on old c13 all the glass was just shot out immediately. now, no one goes inside the old D building because there's no reason to. it might as well not exist. no one stays inside of the bottom part of the E building either, unless they're defending it. when people are defending it you get staring contests through the big ass windows (which is pretty funny to be fair). it does look nicer with the glass in but it would play alot better with the glass out.
Micdon  VIP 29 Mar 22 at 2:31pm
+1, I hate when the swords taunt me to come inside and there is c4 all over the door. I wish there was a better way than walking all the way around point E to just die to cross on the roofs.
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Fire Mage  Member 29 Mar 22 at 3:50pm
+1 the windows removed fun ways to enter and exit the building
[DEFN] Aithead  Head Gamemaster VIP 29 Mar 22 at 3:51pm
restricted mobility goes brrrr

+1 for removing the windows along the top of Point E and some of Point D, -1 for removing the ones along the bottom of point E.

Also, there are options other than always pushing straight forwards. It's fun sometimes.
Bel1ve.  VIP 29 Mar 22 at 3:51pm
-1 I like the windows for a change
BOT Pieswick  VIP 29 Mar 22 at 4:15pm
many buildings are just useless now, the one on E was so swag for counterattacks into market but now has no purpose other than a through route
gammaghostneo  Member 29 Mar 22 at 4:16pm
If windows are a must, maybe either make it to where some window spaces are filled and others don't have glass. That way there's fewer sight lines while still making the buildings actually valuable in combat.
TheJC  VIP 29 Mar 22 at 4:59pm

Wasn't this map all about making your own path and having random shit going on? At least lemme bust open a window, make them regen if you care that much
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