Remove the screen reddening when shot in the torso or head (resubmit format)

niko  VIP 5 Jun 19 at 1:12pm
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A: Resistance LVET HVY SGT Niko Matirni, E5 Engineer Bellic, OVA FOXTROT AC-I 07 2719, MPF CROSS D-I 07 9214

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A: niko#7526

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A: STEAM_0:1:92934083

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A: (removes the red death screen and damage indicators on the side, i tested blowing myself up with an RPG and i didnt get the red screen so it should work)

What is your suggestion?
A: Remove the screen reddening effect when shot in the head or torso

How would this benefit the server?
A: Whenever you'e shooting someone and get that effect where your screen turns red, it becomes impossible to see them and you usually end up dying. Removing this would really help the firefights be more fair.

ye ye bruh
The War Machine  VIP 5 Jun 19 at 2:38pm

Impossible to implement due to it being hardwired into Garry's Mod
PyroShark  Certified Gamemaster VIP 5 Jun 19 at 2:39pm
did you even fuckin look at the addon ^

anyway -1 unless a new way to detect damage is added apart from decrease from health
niko  VIP 5 Jun 19 at 2:50pm
i literally said that it removed the red screen when hit with an explosion, surely it would remove red screens when shot
Some guy on the internet  Member 6 Jun 19 at 4:47am

The only issue i see with this might be that it might be a bit harder to signify that you are damaged, but given the fact that people damaged are given knockback, a very audiable sound effect, and a blood splatter effect, should make it obvious to them that they are being damaged.

Also the red screen is increadibly annoying as it just promotes the idea of whoever-shot-first wins.

Used to play here between 2018-2019, only @'s destitute with shitpost in the discord now.

Kilroy ʷᵃˢ ʰᵉʳᵉ  VIP 6 Jun 19 at 10:55pm
I don't like the red death screen, I think replacing it would be way better than removing it. See if there are any good replacement mods out there
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