Replace Kodiak with Hunters

Game Boy  VIP 3 Feb 20 at 7:51pm Edited
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A: OVA KILO CmD Null, OSS TITAN WARCRIME, 「Transcendent」 MACE TR 06 0000

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A: Game Boy#6942

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A: STEAM_0:1:51262749

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A: [] (Update: MOD HAS BEEN RELEASED )  

What is your suggestion?
A: Replace the Kodiak with Hunters

How would this benefit the server?
A: The Kodiak is a weird vehicle in the combine arsenal that has no real purpose and any purpose we try to give it doesn't really work. Thats why id like to replace the Kodiak with hunters. Hunters are fast light armored combat units that we could use as our equivalent to the rebel Jeep. 

With this mod PC Phoenix made you do not need to own any half life games at all to get all the content the hunter needs (Textures, Models, Sounds, etc.). 

I'd like for Kilo to be able to deploy a max of 2 hunters at once. each of them costing around 2000 resources or so and would have about half the health of the jeep. The fact they cant be stolen and can strafe would be balanced by the lower health and lack of ability to repair. Resource cost and health value can be changed once we see how they preform. These would fit the combine perfectly and would overall be less of a headache than trying to make the Kodiak good.

EDIT: Here is a video addressing some of the concerns you may have.

EDIT 2: Document has been edited to reflect concerns with point G
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♛ DIO ♛  VIP 3 Feb 20 at 7:56pm
+1 The kodiak is slow and useless most of the time,If the tech is good they can take you out by a jeep and SU's will keep hunting you. The hunter would actually make KILO great again since its kind of a dead division compared to FOXTROT and most people request it.
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Anti yes  Member 3 Feb 20 at 7:59pm
+1 Kodiak is basically free pickings for SU

[DEFN] madpro187  Member 3 Feb 20 at 8:00pm
+1, I may not be OVA Anymore, but having hunters back would give me motivation to go back into kilo and commit warcrimes with it. The other reason is the kodiak is just fucking useless at this point, hunters you can actually ram people and commit Y e l l

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Shower  Server Administrator VIP 3 Feb 20 at 8:08pm
+1 the only thing the kodiaks good for is getting stolen by sus, or shooting down a bh if your lucky
Sent pls fix
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Tora  Member 3 Feb 20 at 8:12pm
+1 The Kodiak is slow and not useful ontop of all the buffs and sometimes being unplayable, you can run faster then it and steal it when its at full speed, easy to hit since it's such a large target and it's more of a novelty vehicle from Halo. The hunters on the other hand is lore and fresh along with it being an amazing and useful synth/vehicle that has been fixed by the help of others, the hunter has a much easier time traversing the terrain and attacking people along with it being effective at what it does. I am looking forward to seeing these implemented since the Kilo community/division will grow and be taken more seriously with a better selection then just novelties. once again I +1 the Hunters.
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Valiance  Member 3 Feb 20 at 8:42pm
Tbh I remember the issues with the hunters from my HELIX days, but I remember them more fondly.
They were an extremely helpful small team unit, and I want those unique tactics back.
ϟDEFNϟSakra  VIP 3 Feb 20 at 8:50pm
+1 , im sad to see a lack of skill in the division if there isnt anyone mentally prepared to use a kodiak, so remove it tyty
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Castleson  VIP 3 Feb 20 at 8:50pm
+1 Hunters are awesome and we finally have a fix made by one of our members, we should add this.
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