Replace Kodiak with Hunters

cortlandc =WL=  VIP 6 Feb 20 at 6:56pm Edited
+1 not only are hunters better than the Kodiak, these sound really fucking fun to both play and fight.
[DEFN] Brand  Head Administrator VIP 6 Feb 20 at 10:48pm
Honestly, with all the effort I'm seeing to iron out the issues it's hard for me not to +1 this

That being said
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Tora  Member 7 Feb 20 at 1:33am Edited
Dear Development Team

After more thorough testing, no script errors pop up when using the Hunter, I concluded in my rigorous tests that everything is doing well with the adopted strider gun, the addressed issue of not being able to see when firing is now fixed making it easier to see and shoot with, even if the eye is present which is no big deal with the new changes so visibility is restored while retaining the muzzle flash along with a clear sight picture when using the primary.

also the Flechettes used to aim downwards from the crosshair just a little bit which would cause false target acquisition making even harder to see with the old muzzle flash, the new weapon shoots where the crosshair is pointing ensuring a good firing solution fixing multiple issues with the flechette based weapon and reducing server lag with no explosive and weak useless weaponry that the DEVS wouldn't have been able to adjust avoiding a nightmare and or possibly future termination of standard unmodified flechette groundwatch hunters, which insures that the gun is as close as possible to the jeeps airboat gun.

Thank you for your patience.

Yours faithfully, Tora
Game Boy  VIP 14 Feb 20 at 2:11pm
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