Replace stalker with outlands

Dopplah  VIP 22 Jun 22 at 10:18pm
-1, i swear i'd rather have 80% of my skin burned off with acid than play that map again, never liked it, mostly good for the nostalgia only.
oogasboogas  VIP 23 Jun 22 at 1:40am
(22 Jun 22 at 8:35pm)yeatlover44 Wrote:
(22 Jun 22 at 6:16pm)Kowalski Wrote: Unless outlands got revamped or something put in place artificially to make the outskirt points be of somewhat more interest then idk bru

bring back the supply line system, that was why outlands was so good back then, literally because of the supply line system, fuck this freeform shit

THIS!!!!!! supply lines r what made outer points more useful and it also makes backcapping more important
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Game Boy  VIP 23 Jun 22 at 2:22am
I may be the only one but I miss Main...
grapecoldfire  Server Operator VIP 23 Jun 22 at 3:42am
Stalker is my favorite map (besides main I miss it too) I think stalker has a much better variation in combat than outlands does. I think outlands will last maybe 3 days in rotation if it is brought back due to the new shotguns in the tunnel and the new snipers on the hills. I would most likely play it for 20 minutes before I start resisting the urge to punch my monitor. I would rather go into comatose -1

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Stoofer  Server Moderator VIP 23 Jun 22 at 3:54am
I loved outlands and many people do but adding it back will just go the same way as adding back main, where people think "oh yeah this map sucks lol" and then it gets removed from the rotation after a month. -1

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