Returning player, lost and confused.

FuZz6  Member 9 Sep 22 at 9:15pm
Hello, I am MPF Helix 02 1173. I have not played since around early 2019. I decided to get on the server today 9/9/22 and was completely lost, although it appeared as though I had held my rank and whitelist as Helix. I was told that, I probably should be demoted to Union 09. I was also told to find and check the demotion logs; I have been unable to find the logs as of this time. I am worried that my rank and status as Helix would be lost, and I think that in the past I filed for a LOA. but I am unsure. A little guidance would be much appreciated.
[DEFN] Sentinel  President 9 Sep 22 at 9:18pm
Contact a helix CO, I'm sure they'd be interested to reinstate you, especially if there wasn't ever a logging stating your demotion.
Kruger  VIP 9 Sep 22 at 9:19pm
You most likely have been CKed (Character Killed) for failing ACs (Activit Checks which occur every few months). Don't play on the Helix whitelist and start from Union 09. You will have to go through the rank again which is fine anyway as you're from 2019 and trust me, a lot has changed.
[DEFN] Sentinel  President 9 Sep 22 at 9:20pm
I'd still say at the very least, you can talk to a Helix CO for a private tryout, assuming you remember the fundamentals.
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Kyle The Killer  Member 9 Sep 22 at 9:21pm
Hello, 1173
Due to your extended absence, you have been indeed reset back to Union, however, if you want to join back with Helix, you can contact one of the officers for a private tryout or attend a public one.
As for the specific logging, you can see on May 20, 2019/ 05 20, 2019 in #subdivision-change. Since you weren't CKed, you can retain your rank at only 04.
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gammaghostneo  Member 9 Sep 22 at 9:21pm Edited
If I'm wrong anyone stop me but since it's been a long time I think the rank/class would be lost. However, it can be pretty easy getting back into Helix and while I'm not an Helix CO, showing off that skill/gameplay that got you to an 02 would defiently help you get back to that rank and beyond in no time flat.

(Oops, seems everyone's already jumped in to help. I swear I'm nor the rest of us are blind)
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FuZz6  Member 9 Sep 22 at 9:33pm
Thankyou everyone for the assistance, it seems as though according to the replies that I would be MPF Union 04, or MPF Union 09. Until I receive my discord rolls and can be sure of what rank and Tittle I hold, I'm unsure if I that I would continue playing until I know for sure.
Hollow  Head Administrator Junior Affairs Counselor VIP 9 Sep 22 at 9:40pm
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