Revamped respawn system + new points suggestions

ARF_Trooper_ [DEFN]  Certified Gamemaster VIP 8 Dec 19 at 6:19pm
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What is your suggestion?
New points in yellow, new respawn formation should he obvious
(They are links because this site refused to let me upload pictures)
How would this benefit the server?
These new points (given decreased resource intake) would allow for more dynamic gameplay as well as give new points for players to fight for. It would also stop a single player from running to an outskirt point and crippling the entire system, especially for combine having to go through B C and D. It allows a progression system that is actually progression and not a random swerve in different directions. it would also allow access to certain points that were not available for respawn before and should have

Game Boy  VIP 8 Dec 19 at 6:37pm
+1 this would be great
The only thing I don't like is the point in civ spawn. Don't think we need one there.
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The War Machine  VIP 8 Dec 19 at 7:13pm

So you want the combine and rebels to be able spawn at every point that they can possibly cap? This feature only supports spawn camping. Something Sentinel regulated by only allowing people to spawn on points in the middle of the map and no farther.
ARF_Trooper_ [DEFN]  Certified Gamemaster VIP 8 Dec 19 at 9:28pm Edited
To war machine:
I fail to see your point. I left the last point in each line unreachable. Majority of the points i enabled spawning on are already spawnable. Almost a fourth of the map is unspawnable for both maps. Take another look. And besides, they would be pushing up to the point that you can not spawn on meaning that the squad would be unable to respawn and the spawn camping would stop quickly.
To game boy:
I agree completely. I only put one there to make an even number of points on the top and bottom.
Venom  Senior Infrastructure Moderator 2 May 20 at 1:15pm
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