Rockets going through Props

Wizz  VIP Member 3 Oct 20 at 1:52am
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A: HVY WO Wizz

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A: Wizz!#1337

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:82386979

Explain the bug:

A: When I shoot a rocket at a prop, it just goes straight through it and does no damage to the prop. This is very annoying because I have to shoot under it, and sometimes that doesn't deal damage. And some props, if placed in a certain way, cannot be destroyed because of this. (Had an instance calling a staff member to remove a prop because of this)

When did you first start experiencing this bug? (Give best estimated date)
A: When I first joined HVY. I am sure many other HVY/Ballista have experienced this.

Note: I am not too sure if this can be fixed, I just wanna make sure it is known about/see if it can be fixed in someway.

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Kenny McCormick  Head Gamemaster VIP 3 Oct 20 at 1:56am
Its a precision tool thing, GRID and Engineer make it so that the prop only collides with the player and not the world. Rockets are world props/entities and thus, pass through.

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Wizz  VIP Member 3 Oct 20 at 1:57am
Is there any way ENGI/Grid can prevent this? Or is it out of their control

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Niko_  VIP 3 Oct 20 at 6:43am
When using the apply tool, there's a setting that disables collisions with everything aside players. This includes vehicles, rollermines, manhacks and rockets. And yes, ENGs can fix this, all they need to do is disable the "collide with only players" option and then use it on the prop and it'll revert it back to normal.
Echos  Server Administrator Trial Gamemaster VIP 3 Oct 20 at 10:30am
yea Niko basically said it

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caiokkkkk  Senior Server Administrator VIP 3 Oct 20 at 12:03pm
yes niko do be telling facts doe

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[DEFN] Aithead  Head Gamemaster VIP 3 Oct 20 at 12:28pm
Niko summarized it pretty well, there's a couple things i'd like to add though.

-Precision tool is wacky sometimes and decides to not actually re-apply itself, thus preventing the prop from being "fixed". (Might be related to the next issue)
-Once a prop is damaged it cannot be targeted by GRID/ENG, which means they are wholly unable to fix it after it's been hit. (Can't target with toolgun except for Remove)
-Props can occasionally become invincible because they're partially inside a wall(?). (Apparently this is something that can happen, I've seen it twice, and have yet to figure out what causes it)
Nekso  Developer Senior Infrastructure Moderator 3 Oct 20 at 5:02pm
I think that the props have a hitbox like most things and when a prop is inside a wall it covers that hit box. I'm not sure about that though, so don't quote me on it.
Dad?  Member 3 Oct 20 at 5:35pm
It’s a precision thing
himynameiszdenek  VIP 3 Oct 20 at 5:39pm
niko: explains the problem and makes the thing easy to read, its short and straight
aithead: writes an essay on the same problem niko just explained, but uses more words and terms
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