Rollermine Bug

BOT Pieswick  VIP 6 Nov 20 at 2:15pm
could an admin please close this thread, i'm dumb

[Image: tfYXj5W.jpg]
Game Boy  VIP 6 Nov 20 at 2:51pm
(6 Nov 20 at 8:51am)Niko_ Wrote: Just to clarify there's only 3 ways for a rollermine to be destroyed:
1) They are hit enough times with any melee, this can be while burrowed or not.
2) They are destroyed by an explosion, this cannot happen while burrowed unless a significant amount of the rollermine is not burrowed.
3) They self-destruct.

There's actually 2 more

4) the rollermine is significantly submerged in water
5) Headcrab Shelling. (doesn't matter of you're burrowed or not, it'll kill you)
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