Rollermine Rework (Burrowing) / Also reduce Jump height

Pebble Time  Member 16 Nov 19 at 9:06am Edited
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A: OVA DvL Cruncle

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A:Bilbo Baggins#7073

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A: N/A

What is your suggestion?
A: Rollermines currently lack damage and viability, often struggling to hit opponents who constantly move faster than shield unit. Rollermines can currently hard-countered by any forms of explosives, Gravity guns and can be traded against with Crowbars. 
(Meaning that Fighters can crowbar rollermines and trade damage with the rollermine, tanking all the damage and destroying the rollermine)

However I am no longer asking for a form of a Speed and or Damage buff, instead I am asking for a rework to burrowing.
Burrowing is currently a feature that happens to be supported on rollermines, where when they crouch on any form of GRASS and or Dirt they can burrow themselves into the ground, remaining static and slightly less exposed.

I would like to give rollermines a Utility Option, that would make playing as a rollermine more interesting, other than 24/7 rolling into people like a soccerball.
In the end making it more fun to use if you were a VC1+ Kilo and more viable for support and squad use.

Along with that it would happen to justify its cost compared to The Jeep
Jeep: 2000 Resources 
Rollermine: 1250 Resources

However: The Current map does not support the use of burrowing, nearly all the material consists of CONCRETE / SNOW / METAL (Combine)

Suggestion: Make it so that Rollermines can Burrow on anywhere and or Be more concealed

I ask that the rollermines be able to burrow anywhere
I ask that the rollermines be more concealed while burrowing

This would allow rollermines to 
  • Set up ambushes
  • Avoid potential lethal damage / Being grabbed
  • Support squads / provide callouts while burrowed
  • Being able to support points effectively

    In exchange I suppose: Rollermines would have a reduced jumping height, having a harder time struggling to get to certain areas.
============================/ How I would go Along making the Changes/===========================================
Location: Changing how burrowing works (Notepad++)
[Image: Where_to_find.JPG]
Changes: Remove this (Pretty much allowing this to burrow anywhere)
[Image: How_To_fixburrow.JPG?width=986&height=206]
Location: Changing the Rollermine
[Image: Ovehere_take_this_medkit.JPG]

Changes: Burrow value changes how deep it digs in (Higher value -> Deeper) (Lower Value -> more shallow)
Default value of 6
[Image: Change_this_one.JPG]

Done: Rough outcome

if insert video doesnt work:

How would this benefit the server?

A: It would
  • Increase the utility of rollermines
  • Gives VC1s+ a Smoother and more engaging when playing as a rollermine
  • Allows Kilos to provide more support to squads, as a distraction, point support and or callouts.
  • Allows the Rollermine to be far more sustainable, and far better at ambushes.
  • Help more or so Justify the cost of the Rollermines in resources
  • Rollermines would be able to escape unfavorable positions more effectively
  • Burrowing anywhere would also help it on new maps with different materials, say if work is being done on a desert map

    Gravity guns would still remain a extreme counter, once being grabbed they are unable to burrow
    RPGs and forms of explosives can still easily take down rollermines, it more or so relies on how the Kilo can respond and whether or not if they are caught off guard.

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Zio  VIP 16 Nov 19 at 9:18am
+1 This is very well writen one, and i gotta give it to you, roller mines rn are just distraction and its a strugle to kill anyone as one (unless you just kamikaze into low hp enemy, which doesnt always work), and the price of a roller mine is just dumb, 1250 for a almost useless vehicle when compared to 2k jeep, the jeep can kill and sustain some dmg while the roller mine as said cant do much
Vice  Member 16 Nov 19 at 10:13am
I agree with the changes. Burrowing would be a great addition to the Rollermine arsenal when fighting anything with explosive rounds/ Rockets. The jump nerf wouldn't be bad if we had burrowing anywhere, since currently I rely heavily on jumping to avoid Crowbars and rockets as a rollermine. Personally, I think it wouldn't hurt buffing the shock damage as well, as the speed increase for all jobs indirectly nerfed rollermine damage output as it takes longer to catch up to targets for the initial hit or even coming back after each hit.
Poison  VIP 16 Nov 19 at 12:52pm
Whenever I'm playing rebel, and a roller-mine attacks me, its a complete joke, i just jump over it or strafe right and left. The rollermine is only good if it hits people from a grav gun


[DEFN] Pielord  Certified Gamemaster VIP 16 Nov 19 at 2:27pm

This seems like a spicy idea and it is, as stated above, well written. It gives extra when you both show how easy a fix it would be as well as show a video of it working. just a warning to all rollermines though, if you burrow and youre on the 2nd floor of a ceiling, your bout ta get destroyed
Ellie Warren  Member VIP 17 Nov 19 at 12:50pm

Kilo rollermines got shafted on this map really, being unable to burrow at all makes rollermines utility non-existent, religating them to having to play a more aggressive role, which ends up getting them either a) caught by Scavs, Techs or Engineers or b) just straight up killed by units dogpiling their stunsticks on them.

Being able to burrow in all surfaces would help immensely and would add another layer of strategy upon rollermines.
[DEFN] madpro187  Member 17 Nov 19 at 12:52pm

spicy time, yes yes

Really well written too, rollermines need a def rework
Optimore  Member 17 Nov 19 at 2:11pm

Gotta account for that map material thing at least. Makes no sense to leave that feature disabled just because of what's basically an oversight.

And hey rollermines can already burrow in asphalt! They did it in the coast chapter of HL2.
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Digital Ghoste  VIP 17 Nov 19 at 3:13pm
+1 | Well Written | Shows Fix | Gives rollermine's utility |
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