Rollermine Rework (Burrowing) / Also reduce Jump height

Game Boy  VIP 17 Nov 19 at 4:50pm

All around good but I think a small buff to damage would help a lot too. Rollermines lose most 1v1 with almost any rebel as long as their decent with melee.
Eclipsian  Member 18 Nov 19 at 12:48pm
If I wanted to go up against a Diglett I would play Pokemon, not CvR. While I understand the want for more versatility to the roller-mine those points you listed are already made possible with the current version.
[DEFN] Aithead  Affairs Counselor Certified Gamemaster 19 Nov 19 at 9:24am Edited
In response to Eclipsian: Rollermines don't though. As stated in the post there are very few areas where rollermines can actually burrow (I'm not a KILO but i'm going to take the DvL's word on this). If a rollermine takes up 1250 resources, over half of what a Jeep takes up on RES side (I do play Tech) with utterly incomparable effectiveness.

In comparison:
Jeep: Costs 2K Resources | Mid Ranged cooldown based HC gun. | Great against basic infantry and some vehicles | Terrible within 5M due to limited field of fire.
                       Rollermine: Costs 1250 Resources | Damages on contact | Combos with Grav Gun, not great on its own. | Hard countered by ENG/Scav/Tech, Killable easily with melee

Thus, +1. Hell I'd even say the rollermine could use a buff with vehicle damage.
DesiNR_M  Member 19 Nov 19 at 11:22am
Imagine not wanting this change to the rollermine.
Radioactive.sw  Certified Gamemaster 20 Nov 19 at 6:31pm
+1 extremely well written, and a good idea.
Mr.Grumpy  VIP 15 Dec 19 at 1:29pm
+1 I agree with everything but the reducing of the jump hight.
[DEFN] Head Janitor  VIP 15 Dec 19 at 1:32pm

Rollermines are already pretty good, not in damage or speed but it's a good distraction against rebels.

Let's say there's a rollermine in a rebel filled corridor then that rollermine will absolutely annoy rebels and force them to either A. Force them to retreat or B. Force them to run into the combines arms
Anti yes  Member 15 Dec 19 at 3:23pm
+1 This is a response to head janitor, all it takes is for a scav or engi to grav it and yeet it way or let someone crowbar it.

Shower  Server Administrator VIP 15 Dec 19 at 3:28pm
+1 roller mines are borderline useless compare to say a jeep
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