Rollermine Rework (Burrowing) / Also reduce Jump height

[DEFN] Head Janitor  VIP 15 Dec 19 at 3:45pm
(15 Dec 19 at 3:23pm)Anti yes Wrote: +1 This is a response to head janitor, all it takes is for a scav or engi to grav it and yeet it way or let someone crowbar it.

Nigga, i was a kilo CmD i know how it works.

It's balanced that way because it's not like they always catch the rollermine. Rollermines are pretty hard to touch with the jump height and that's why they are just fine
Zio  VIP 15 Dec 19 at 3:52pm
Scavs can literally just hold down mouse 1 and they will probably catch you, so yeh...
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