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14 December, 2013.

It is cold. Overwatch deployed three teams of O.T.A. into the peninsular region neighboring Nova Prospekt in response to local reports of the Sector 61 Lambda Resistance. No rebellion can be permitted. The prototype must remain intact. INJECT - AMPUTATE - STABILIZE.

22 December, 2013.

Squad 3, consisting of 1182, 7941, 3821, and EpU 4498 "Wrecker" is deployed alongside Squads 1 and 2 to investigate reports of biotic activity. The dropship leaves quickly. The squad leader checks the connection to Overwatch; orders received. Clear the caves.

24 December, 2013.

Radio contact with Overwatch is sporadic. The ravines and chasms do not allow the signal to reach the surface easily. We lost contact with Squad 1. Squad 2 was damaged by a cave-in after coming in contact with an exogen nest. No activity noted. The orders stand.

31 December, 2013.

We lost contact with Squad 2. Connection to Overwatch is minimal. The orders stand. Contact with an exogen nest; resolved. Contact with necrotics, confirmed presence of infestation. Threat unresolved. Examination of deceased necrotics confirms the presence of Rebel forces. Requesting reinforcements.

8 January, 2014.

Biotic presence confirmed. Connection to Overwatch has been unsuccessful for [5] days. Squad strength reduced to three units. Origin of Rebel Cell is unconfirmed. The orders stand.

10 January, 2014.

Connection to Overwatch has been unsuccessful for [7] days. Squad strength reduced to one unit. Origin of Rebel Cell is unconfirmed. The orders. stand.

3# January, 20?4.

Connection to Overwatch has been unsuccessful for [?] days. Extensive damage to endoskeleton. Ocular implants: nonfunctional. Auditory implants: nonfunctional. Neural enhancers: nonfunctional. I cannot move. My orders stand. Entering rest period.


Connection to Overwatch has been unsuccessful for [?] days. This metal shell hangs. The bugs bite me, but cannot reach what remains. The aliens stare at me with malice. I know not what they wait for. I know not what they attempt. They do not ask, and neither do I. More rest soon.


I know what they wait for. The Free Man is coming. They pray for his success; they pray for my end. I cannot die for their intervention makes it so. I cannot move for I have no arms. I cannot walk, for I have no legs. They wait for their savior; I wait for my end.


He passes, holding a ball of flesh in his hand. He has ignored me. He calls the bugs, and they answer. He seeks to free his ally, and the world bends to meet him. He walks amongst luminescent beings; there is an infinity between us, and he passes me by. I do not end.


The call is strong. I do not end. The call is strong. I do not end. The call is strong. I do not end. The call is strong, I will not end.

The rope snaps. The sand, rubs. The bugs never left, merely waited. In despair I found reason, and in reason I will end. The aliens watch me, knowingly. Their laughs will echo momentarily and forever. I cannot laugh, but they hear me. I join them in revelry, for a future I never saw come to pass. Nothingness awaits.

It is cold.

. . .

. . .

. . .

.  .  ?

Well. This is unexpected. Perhaps a... Consultation is in order.

Regretfully, I must inform you that your contract does not expire with a cessation of life signs. A rather... unusual circumstance considering, but it was quite clearly outlined. A contract whose terms were... broken... by your current -former- employer. A truly unique consideration.

However, it would be a shame to let such... Material go to waste. Should you regain your conscience, my employers may have an... offer... for you. In the meantime, you have all the time in the world to get used to this... position you find yourself in. When you come to the point where you can make such a choice, many doors will be open for you. I hope you can make the... correct decision... when the time comes.

Until then, Mister Hawcroft, may you have a pleasant afterlife.

Gamemaster Supervisor.

Ancient GRID CmD, prior SU Major/GB COL.

Credit to SEVIN.
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