Severely reduce weapon knockback

Verily  VIP 13 Jan 20 at 4:25pm
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What is your suggestion?
It's probably been said before but I figure it should be said again: severely reduce weapon knockback. Knockback at its current level is honestly nothing more than a major annoyance that messes with combat. It can cause you to lose fights due to launching your opponents out of your effective range - like if you're playing SWORD and your opponent gets launched to safety and all you can do is watch or try to rifle them out of the sky. It can make peeking go from dangerous to impossible - every time you try to stick your head out knockback pushes you back behind cover. If you catch someone in the air, you can effectively immobilize them or juggle them, which isn't very fun for the player in the air and not very hard for the player on the ground (especially if the player on the ground has a shotgun). And these are just the examples I had off the top of my head, I'm sure everyone who reads this will have their own story about how knockback screwed them over.

I can see reasons why knockback might be a desired feature, though. It's a decent way to punish just charging head on into enemy fire because it won't slow you down, as well as another way to communicate to the player "Hey headass you're getting shot." Which is why this thread isn't demanding knockback removal. Reducing the knockback would allow it to still function as a "headass deterrent" while screwing with basically every other aspect of combat way less.

tl;dr current knockback makes combat less fun and a bit clunky, sentinel plz fix
[DEFN] Dreik  VIP 13 Jan 20 at 4:26pm
You can't reduce it nig nog, it's part of the shitty engine or whatever, unfixable
Shower  Server Administrator VIP 13 Jan 20 at 4:38pm
-1 I want to send people flying when I shoot them
Verily  VIP 13 Jan 20 at 4:38pm Edited
(13 Jan 20 at 4:26pm)[DEFN] Dreik Wrote: You can't reduce it nig nog, it's part of the shitty engine or whatever, unfixable

Other source mods, notably TF2, have effects which reduce knockback (and yeah TF2 is a sourcemod because Valve). Is this limitation GMod specific?
✪ Kiddo  Member 13 Jan 20 at 4:44pm
pretty sure this just isn't possible.
Raven.  Server Administrator VIP 13 Jan 20 at 4:57pm
This isn't possible, Sentinel has tried this numerous times but the engine GMOD runs on is quirky and doesn't make it possible

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